A quick intro

I’ve been blogging about pregnancy and how much I hated being pregnant. You can read this at www.onhatingpregnancy.wordpress.com I wanted to highlight how I found pregnancy but I wanted to emphasise that hating pregnancy is very different to not wanting a baby. I wanted to have a baby, I looked forward to her arrival but I hated the process. With that in mind, the pregnancy blog must be separate from the parenting blog.

So here’s a new one! I’ve had a chat with my husband who preferred to be known as “my husband” on the last blog and I’ve told him it made me feel like I was the Queen. “My husband and I…” so from now on he’s happy to be referred to as “S”. The baby is “E”.

This blog doesn’t have any specific aims except to continue my thoughts about the parenting process – so many people have made lovely comments about the last blog and encouraged me to continue now that she’s been born. Thanks to all of you – I’m really glad that you enjoyed reading it.

I will, nevertheless, try very hard not to blog too much about poo and try to find other issues to discuss. Nevertheless there may well be some graphic details in this so be warned!

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2 Responses to A quick intro

  1. Beverley Moffitt says:

    Poo is an inevitable part of motherhood. My 3 month old pooed in the bath last night. That was nice.

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