Body talk

If you read the previous blog, (if not, why not? Here’s the link: you’ll have been aware that I was really worried about all sorts of bodily changes that occurred during pregnancy. Everything from weight gain to sex and clothing issues to exercise. The only positives I took from it were that my hair didn’t fall out as much as usual and that my fingernails were really REALLY strong. So what’s going on now that I’m no longer pregnant?

Well good news first – I am back to pre-pregnancy weight! Woop! Opinions differ on how quickly it takes women to recover their pre-pregnancy bodies – you see the celebs strutting about with toned perfect bodies weeks after childbirth but you also hear the phrase “nine months to put it on, nine months to take it off.” My guess is that everyone’s different and it depends on all sorts of stuff. In my case, the weight was mainly baby – it was all in the bump and didn’t go on anywhere else except my boobs. Now I still have boobs the size of barrage balloons, since I’m still breastfeeding, so when I stop my guess is that I’ll lose a little bit more as they shrink.

It’s an odd time, the weeks after childbirth. You suddenly shed weight but not enough to wear old clothes again straight away, however, your pregnancy clothes are suddenly too big. It’s weird to say “I’ve nothing to wear!” and actually mean it. I lived in pyjamas for a couple of days till my sister visited with a bag of spare cropped trousers and dresses. All of them meant for summer so I shivered through all the rain with cold knees and feet.

Practically the only positive thing I’ve found about breastfeeding is the weight loss. It helps, I imagine, that E has a healthy appetite. Even now we’ve switched to bottles for the night feed, the weight is still coming off. I imagine the real reason women breastfeed until  their child is three or four is that they don’t want to have to start watching what they eat. I don’t have a massive appetite but can eat ANYTHING at the moment and it doesn’t seem to matter.

The other major concern for me was that my complete loss of libido during pregnancy might continue after E was born. Without wishing to embarrass S too much, I am happy to report that is not the case. Thank GOD. There was, however, a number of delays to finding that out – we were interrupted one night by E waking up (I’ll be glad when she moves into her own room) and the following evening my final thought was “let’s suggest sex this evening” before promptly falling into the sleep of the dead. Still, got there in the end.

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