Growing pains

E is growing fast. They say you don’t notice when you see them every day but it’s obvious in lots of different ways, especially the old woman groan I make when getting up (“ooh, my back…”). I got quite upset the other day bagging up some of the clothes she’s grown out of. Tiny babies are wasted on new parents, aren’t they? You spend your time just trying to cope and suddenly, once you feel you’ve got a handle on things, you find you’re folding up tiny sleepsuits and wondering where the time has gone. I found myself staring at a couple holding a new baby in the park today and got all nostalgic for my tiny girl, all curled up and squashed looking. *sniffs* It was only three months ago…

To prepare for her growing up, S’s cousin has passed on a cot bed. I spent a day building it & it now dominates E’s room (I’m still refusing to use the word ‘nursery’). This is partly because E’s room is tiny but also because the cot bed is HUGE. I lie her in it to test and see if I can reach the mattress to pick her up (I can) and she looks a bit lost. Suddenly my baby is back.

I’ve cracked open the craft supplies in order to make some stuff for the cot. It’s been a while since I’ve done any sewing and so here are the results.

The material is from Ikea and the pattern is from burda kids (9479).

I dithered over the bumper for a while – when buying the mattress in John Lewis (we had vouchers there) I overheard a sales assistant telling a customer that you have to be careful with cot bumpers in case the baby suffocates on it while turning over. Apparently it’s happened before to some poor soul. I have a look through the bumpers on display there and in Mothercare and suffocation warnings are on all of them. The John Lewis assistant suggests removing the bumper once the baby is in the cot each night but surely this defeats the purpose?

I really wanted to make the bumper but was concerned. In the end I suddenly remember that a) E has been sleeping in a small Moses basket with padded material sides for weeks now and surely this poses the same hazards and b) the cot bed is so huge that it’ll be a while before she can even reach the sides, let alone squash her face against them. (She’s not rolling over yet.) I go ahead and buy the pattern, dig out my material stash and dust off the sewing machine. As you can see, the bumper doesn’t quite meet the mattress anyway so I either need to raise the mattress (a complicated manoeuvre involving dowels and swearing) or not worry too much about it (more likely).

Anyway, she has a curtain and a drawstring bag made from this series of materials so it actually looks vaguely coordinated.

Incidentally, you can see the handmade blanket and knitted dog and rabbit I made her in these pics! *showing off face*

Next up on the handmade list is a couple of food splashmats from old sheets. Pics to follow.

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