Cheese, beans and mango…

I’ve had a couple of weeks off the blog while I finished a large and urgent project but it was completed last night so I’m back here. What’s been going on the last couple of weeks?

Weaning, mainly. As I mentioned before we’re attempting baby-led weaning. This essentially means that I don’t spend hours pureeing food and spooning into E’s mouth but instead let her eat versions of our food and feed herself. It’s drawn lots of reaction from friends and family.

My mother seems to be warming to it though she cheerfully passed on horror stories from a friend’s grandchild who does the same. But most other people regard me with alarm, eyes wide open as I hand E a piece of bread and she waves it around before stuffing it into her mouth.

Bearing in mind that I never really got the hang of taking prepared bottles of milk out for E when we went somewhere, I was never going to get the hang of having purees in the fridge or freezer ready for taking out. This way at least E doesn’t starve.

But we’ve been trying some of the puree route anyway. Why? Two reasons. The first is that I can feel myself succumbing to constant pressure from all sides to do the conventional baby feeding stuff – shops, email marketing, magazines and the like. It’s a strong parent who doesn’t sit in the face of this and think “perhaps I’ll just try a proper baby thing.” I hate myself. The other reason is mainly as I either forget to have something in the house for myself that I can feed E or what I do eat is inappropriate (bacon sandwich yesterday, for example…)

The main problem with purees is that E wants to feed herself so anything with a spoon is grabbed and waved in her hair and all over her face. She hasn’t quite got the hang of opening her mouth before putting things in it. I need to remember that she’s only very small still and we’ve only been doing this for two weeks. (My sister is disapproving as her son is a very neat eater. Perversely his very good table manners make me laugh at E throwing her food about even more. I am a very bad influence.)

We had a small packet of pureed mango as a freebie from the supermarket the other day and she loved it. I wipe her face afterward and give her a bath in the evening but somehow missed some. The dried mango in her eyebrow freaked S out for a while, who thought that the cradle cap had spread down onto her face.

My main problem, however, is that no one seems to tell you how much to feed them. Apart from the baby rice which I sometimes mix up with fruit, everything else is just guesswork. And conversely, how much should I reduce her milk by? At the moment she’s pretty good at letting me know when she’s full of milk so she’s not been finishing her bottles but should I rely on this all the time? It’s a mystery.

E is a noisy eater. She’s always made noises when drinking down her milk but with solids she’s even worse. Remember that scene in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast where they eat porridge and the beast tips his into his mouth going “aawwffugh, awwghg, ghgnnonngg, aagghhwwfgffff!” (or something like that.) She’s like that. It’s hilarious. So the hoover is out every day, the washing machine is full of bibs and I have to really think hard
about what to carry about with us when we go out but it’s fun.

Though I am nervous about her father insisting that she try sprouts at Christmas…

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One Response to Cheese, beans and mango…

  1. John says:

    For a time we had a large square of plastic (from builder’s merchants) under child high chair to simplify mess cleanup. Good luck!

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