The Toy Story effect

I wanted to write a quick post, mainly to check if I’m the only parent who does this, but…

Does anyone, since having watched and enjoyed the Toy Story movies, actively take better care of the baby’s toys in case they do indeed come alive when I’m not looking?

Every morning when I get E up from bed I sit her toy dog and Peter Rabbit toys upright from where she has moved them about. This morning I told her not to pull a doll’s hair because it would hurt the doll (I can actually imagine the conversation in the cot where Annabel (the doll) rubs her head).

It’s bad enough, when watching Toy Story 3 I went up to find my old teddy bear to give him a hug for old times’ sake, but I think I’m taking it to a whole other level. I want the toys to like me.

It’s sleep deprivation isn’t it? Or an over active imagination? OK. Don’t tell anyone.

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3 Responses to The Toy Story effect

  1. There’s a film about a barbie that comes to life and isn’t very nice?? Can’t remember what it’s called but since then… I’m never mean to dolls!

  2. Lenzi says:

    LOL. I always thought I was nuts for assigning thoughts and emotions to inanimate objects until I had my son and I heard my mother telling him that this toy was sad, that he had hurt that one’s feelings, etc. “Oh, Jack is crying because you slammed his box lid on his head. Get in that box, Jack.” That’s when the memory came back to me of her playing with me the same way. I had blocked it out and yet internalized it. TL; DR I’m not nuts, my mother is.

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