The reluctant baker

So for a change this week I sat and watched all the episodes of Great Comic Relief Bake Off.  I don’t normally watch a) things with celebs in b) baking programmes or c) reality challenge programmes so this was a change for me. S caught a few of them as well and found them very amusing. This was my chance! He’s no baker, my husband.

We have a good system – I cook, he washes up. I like cooking, he hates it, I hate washing up (and am rubbish at it) and he likes it. So it’s fine. But recently I’ve been having odd panicky moments where I worry about what would happen to him and E if something happened to me. I don’t know why exactly, but I’ve been plagued with terror about this, and about something happening to her, since E’s been born.

Of all the things that they might have to encounter without me, an inability to bake is not much of a problem. But baking is so nice an activity and fun to do with children – I’m really looking forward to having her help me in the kitchen – that I decided to encourage S to bake. And this way he gets to raise money for a good cause too. So he’s going to bake three things – biscuits, a cake and some brownies – to raise money for Comic Relief. I will provide the recipes and will encourage him from the comfort of the sofa.

I’ll do a couple of blogs about how he gets on (and will probably put some pictures up just to torture him further) but if you might see your way to sponsoring him, then you can do so at this link.  Bless you all and thanks in advance.

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