Why blog?

People get annoyed by the strangest things. I get annoyed by the strangest things but there are some things that, if you don’t like them, you just don’t interact with them. They’re not forced on you. This is why I don’t watch Top Gear, listen to Radio 1 or read fantasy fiction novels. I’ve chosen to avoid things that will irritate me.

But apparently there’s been a backlash against parent bloggers. Or really mummy bloggers (because there aren’t as many dad blogs). So not everyone is as high minded as I. *snorts* Because mummy bloggers are out there all the time aren’t we? Shoving our blogs in your face, making you read them. What a nightmare.

Apparently it’s partly because we’re letting the feminist side down. Talking about the domestic sphere is reductive. Clearly if I’m going to blog then my thoughts need to be singularly thrilling and original and beyond the spheres of home or work or ranting about politics. And partly because there’s nothing new under the sun, so why are we bothering?

Well here’s the thing. First up, you don’t have to read it. I’m not actually blogging to get a massive audience. I know you’re supposed to do all kinds of things to gain a massive readership and boost your SEO and all that but I can’t be bothered. I blog to make sense of my life. When I was a teenager I kept a diary. This is my mid life crisis diary. And it may not be new but it’s new stuff to me so I want to get a handle on it.

But more importantly than that, I blog to keep in touch with and get advice from friends who I don’t see often. I don’t necessarily want loads of followers. In terms of isolation I’m up there with the worst. Sitting here now, I have one friend I see regularly in the city and she doesn’t have children. Which I find refreshing as we can discuss other things. Another friend I see once a week at choir for a while. But schoolfriends I keep in touch with live miles away, my family are miles away and friends who used to live round here have moved. I’m too old to make new friends. I talk to people at playgroups and the library but it’s not the same. So my blog is my kitchen table. Come round for a chinwag and a cup of tea.

For example, the last post I put up was about my worries for E being an only child. (By the way, I got teased AGAIN about that at playgroup this week. “You’ll change your mind,” I was told for the umpteenth time. Why can’t people just take me at my word? Grrr…) Two friends who live yonder posted up really helpful and encouraging comments on my Facebook page afterwards. It was just what I needed and the equivalent of a friendly hug. Thanks Bec and Hayley.

So there you go. If you are the kind of person who get annoyed by the idea of mummy bloggers then don’t read me. But to those of you who do, and especially those who comment, I just wanted to say thanks. xx

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8 Responses to Why blog?

  1. RiceysWifey says:

    Hello, I actually LOL’d when you *snorted* .. myself and friend also *snort* all the time at things we say … cause we actually do laugh out loud at ourselves. connected with the *mid life crisis diary too* couldnt just read n click away.

  2. bevstoves says:

    This is definitely the first time I have posted on your blog and I feel a teeny bit guilty. The reason I feel guilty is whenever I have seen on twitter that you have posted a new blog, I have read it and smiled, inwardly and outwardly and often totally empathised with you. I have enjoyed you sharing your thoughts and musings but I have never told you. Sorry.

    Can I just say though, that (in my opinion) you are never too old to make new friends. In the past twelve months, I have met some great new people that I enjoy seeing and spending time with – you guys at writing group, boot camp and the meditation centre. I don’t live in pockets with these people but I enjoy seeing them all and how they enrich my life. I count them all as friends.

    Whenever I see your blog, I will comment now that I know it’s important to you. But only if you write on mine 🙂

    • basfordianthoughts says:

      Thanks Bev! Not to worry about feeling guilty – it’s just nice to know you read it. You’re right about the new friends thing of course, but sometimes it does feel very scattered. Your advice is good – I should, do & will value you all more in the future. xx

  3. I don’t care what subject bloggers write about – you can still interest people no matter what. I like your blog just fine 🙂 And also I don’t like fantasy fiction either – I was going to blog about that! Have you ever found that people judge you for not liking it? Like you must be a really miserable and boring person if you don’t want to read about elves and sorcerers and all the rest of it…

    • basfordianthoughts says:

      One of the worst things I ever did as someone’s girlfriend was laugh at the novel they’d written because it was fantasy fiction. I said it was one giant euphemism for sex. (It was – all swords and women in leather. Tsk) But it probably wasn’t v nice of me. I think fantasy fiction often becomes a lifestyle choice for some people – they take it very seriously indeed.

  4. Polly Butterworth says:

    Have started to read your blogs by going backwards from Si’s baking session, I’ve never read any before. I must find out how to read them properly instead of cheating, I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve read & a couple have nearly reduced me to tears! X

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