Roll out the red carpet! It’s the maternity leave awards!

I’m back at work today. And instead of wallowing in how much I dislike leaving E I thought I’d reflect on the last few months by doing an award ceremony of sorts for my maternity leave. A parenting Oscars. But without the Seth MacFarlane offensiveness obviously.

First up! The ‘Two fingers to Steve Hilton’ award goes to my employers (who I’m not going to name, just in case) for their generous and supportive system of maternity leave.

Next, the ‘Surprisingly Enjoyable award’ goes to Top Valley and Bestwood’s Sure Start Watch Me Grow playgroup session. A playgroup for babies under one year old with songs, toys, scrapbooks and general support with nice mums, volunteers and workers. We really looked forward to going.

The Family Friendly award goes to Broadway Cinema for their attitude towards welcoming families. The baby-friendly screenings were a lifeline and gave me a feeling of normality (plus I got to watch Batman & Les Mis on the big screen which I thought made all the difference) and the cafe was always great to take E for lunch.

The ‘Keeping Mum Sane award’ for an easy outing goes to Wollaton Hall and Park – walks just the right length with plenty to see and enough bumpy paths to get E off to sleep if she wasn’t settling.

The ‘Handily Just Round the Corner award’ goes to Basford Library for their Rhyme Time sessions, nice selection of children’s books, Bookstart membership and a Victorian skylight which E finds fascinating to stare at.

The ‘Virtual Friend award’ goes jointly to my Twitter, Facebook and blog followers (bless you all) and to the lovely chaps at BBC 6 Music. I campaigned to keep the station running and this is the thanks they give me – constant company, great music and lots of giggles (plus a couple of shout outs.)

The ‘No Questions Asked award for changing facilities you can use without feeling you have to buy something first’ goes to John Lewis, Victoria Centre branch.

And finally, the special ‘Mum needs to go too but where am I supposed to put the baby’ award for providing changing facilities with adult toilets in goes jointly to John Lewis and Sainsbury’s – motorway service stations please take note.

Acceptance speeches must be kept to a minimum of 25 seconds please or the camera will pan to George Clooney in a tux. Though… oh look at that…


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One Response to Roll out the red carpet! It’s the maternity leave awards!

  1. John Adams says:

    Congratulations on returning to work. Hope the transition goes well for your family.

    It’s actually a very important post you’ve written there. I think all parents can be hair-triggered and quick to complain when we get bad service. We should be equally complimentary when we’re at the receiving end of good service, whether it be a healthcare provider, education provider or even simply a radio station or a well designed baby changing unit and lavatory.

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