Diary of a working mum – an experiment

At the birthday party yesterday I was listening in to two other mums who were talking about going back to work and how they’re managing. “Are you part time?” asked one. “Oh yes,” said the other. “I couldn’t do full time, I wouldn’t have time to get everything done.”

Note that she didn’t say she wouldn’t want to be without the baby for that long, she couldn’t be full time because she wouldn’t get everything done. The other one agreed.

I thought about this for a while. Am I getting everything done? What does ‘everything’ consist of? As well as working and looking after the baby – shopping, cleaning, hobbies, socialising, time travel, healing the sick, spa days…

There’s really only one way to find out. A diary of the week. An experiment of sorts. This week I shall document my week in a series of daily posts and we can see what I am and am not getting done. I shall emphasise this is an experiment only – I don’t want anyone to think I’m showing off or trying to be impressive (or otherwise). I’m genuinely curious.

I’ll start now. Since getting back from the party I have:

  • Written a blog post for this blog
  • Written half a blog post for Creative Nottingham
  • Made chilli for tea
  • Prepared our packed lunches for work tomorrow
  • Prepared E’s changing bag for nursery tomorrow
  • Remembered to bring the pram wheels in from the car (important as S is using the car tomorrow & I’ll need the wheels for the nursery trip)
  • Tried to find S’s lost mobile phone
  • As this was unsuccessful, charged up an old one of mine only to find it was locked & no use with a pay as you go SIM (grrr)
  • Folded up the last of the weekend’s dry washing
  • Repositioned and fixed the shower curtain rail which was hanging off the wall
  • Showered and washed my hair
  • Bathed E and put her to bed
  • Eaten dinner (and traybake for pudding)
  • Wasted some time on social media
  • Charged & re-synced my ipod
  • Bought two used books on Waterstone’s marketplace
  • Confirmed Creative Nottingham’s next meeting dates
  • Added some thoughts to a shared document for a collaborative writing project I’m applying for
  • Started to edit down a story for a competition
  • Drunk tea

Now I’m about to do a bit of knitting before bed. Since it was a late night last night I don’t think I’ll be long from my pit though.

Tomorrow the experiment starts in earnest. I’ll be interested to see how this reflects what you all do on a daily basis. I suspect we’re all very similar. Please do let me know!

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2 Responses to Diary of a working mum – an experiment

  1. John says:

    Time on social on social media isn’t wasted, it is networking!

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