Diary of a working mum – Wednesday

S starts work at 6am on Wednesdays and this morning he left the house so quietly I didn’t know he’d gone. Otherwise our morning was very similar to yesterday, although with the added fun of putting the bins out.

I had to run for the bus – the timetable seems to be, how shall I put it, fluid, to say the least. They’re frequent but still, it’s too cold even to wait five minutes. Eating breakfast in the office I realised that the new side of the office I sit on now is colder than the other side where I used to sit. All the people in the office who feel the cold are on the new side because it’s closer to the radiator but they;re also closer to the very bad glazing and that’s the problem.

We had the transition boss in today to talk to us all individually. She’s very nice and wants to be supportive and spoke quite a lot of sense which is always encouraging (and rare.) Aside from the work I had to do today I spent a little while looking at the new class distinctions the BBC have commissioned. I am apparently in the new affluent class – all because I own this house. I bought it with a large deposit from my father’s life insurance many years ago before house prices went insane. I now cannot afford to move because even renting the same size house in the same crappy area would be more than double the mortgage. Anyway, this affluent nonsense made me go and find the longer survey which was even more annoying. It asked about cultural things I’d done in the last year. Clearly having little money and few babysitters means we haven’t been out much and, since it didn’t include the radio and TV stations I use most often (6 Music and BBC4 – probably a class statement in itself…), it then told me that I did less cultural activities than other people. Pah! A friend pointed out it didn’t include cinema in the activities which is typical, given that that’s what I’ve been able to do since E has been born.

At lunch I bought a present for a friend who’s just had a baby and perved over the notebooks in Paperchase. I am a stationery whore. These were hand embroidered and had buttons on and there were some with different metallic bits and oooohhh… I have several notebooks but I prefer them not to be too nice or I never use them. The best notebooks are cheap paper covered things I don’t mind trashing. I stopped to flick through the local paper as it’s jobs day. The last time I was job hunting in earnest they used to advertise ’32 pages of jobs!’ each week. Today there were four.

After work I went to the gym. I’m trying to go twice a week and it wasn’t too busy but all the machines I wanted to use were being occupied by men with ENORMOUS arms. So I went on the treadmill for a while instead and when I came off they seemed to have thinned out so I was able to try to use them. With mixed results.

E and I had a bath together though she slipped and banged her nose and wasn’t very happy from then on though she was ok once she got out. At nursery today she impressed them all with her banana eating speed and dexterity and also had crumpets with jam on for breakfast, sucking the jam off and laughing like a loon. Once I’d put her to bed I got bits and pieces together for tomorrow, sewed some buttons on clothes that need seeing to and ate some quiche. Once I’ve typed this I shall do some more writing and try to finish reading  my reading group book which is due back at the library next week. (The Postman Always Rings Twice – I’m finding it tiresome with thin characterisation but luckily it’s not very long.) My company for the evening will be Gideon Coe, as usual, as S doesn’t look like he’ll last much longer.

So the second day ends although I don’t feel like I got as much done today as yesterday.

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