Diary of a working mum – Thursday

Up as usual but as S starts work at 9 on Thursday and Fridays he was able to get E changed and gave her milk while I got ready and then I got her dressed while he got ready. This meant that we were in the unprecedented position of being ready early. I didn’t know what to do with myself. E played with her musical drum and I cleaned my boots. Glam.

On the way to nursery we saw a heron flying low overhead and landing on people’s houses. Sometimes they’re at the pond in the park so it’s not unusual to see them – this one walked across the roofs with the delicacy of a tightrope walker.

Easter holidays are making my worklife a pain – it seems worse than Christmas. I couldn’t get anything sorted because people were on holiday so everything’s hanging in the air till next week or the week after. The rest of my day seemed to be spent trying to get all the functions of my old working life working on the new computer. IT are not the speediest of support services – I know they’re doing their best but really. And I’m already bored of hearing “You’re just back from maternity leave, you must take it easy,” and “You’re alone in the office, we don’t want to overburden you.” Frankly, there isn’t much to do.

At lunchtime I bought some soft toy stuffing for something I’m making a friend for her baby, due in June. I popped into see S at work but he was busy on the till and didn’t see. It smells of cooking food all the time in there; how anyone gets any work done is a mystery.

While eating lunch at my desk I spent some time despairing over two articles on the Guardian and BBC’s websites. The first was about a woman working in Boots in Spalding who smacked a toddler when she knocked over a bottle of Dettol. The story was depressing enough – the store manager defended the worker saying she was acting “out of empathy” (eh?) – but the comments afterwards were worse. I don’t know why I’m surprised by these things. Many people seemed to think it was a result of bad parenting – if the mother hadn’t taught the child to behave then what did we expect? And so on, complaining about people having children when they really shouldn’t, few of them having any sense that she was just a toddler and that’s what they do. The second story was headlined “Should you drug your child on a long flight?” to which I would think any sensible person would reply “No!” but of course that wasn’t the case either. Parents were giving their child allergy medicine in the hope that the side effects would work, and doing on a plane – the furthest from any medical help they could be, and all to avoid annoying other people. Good grief. Children scream and shout and run around and make noises because they’re bored. I’m bored on flights – if I could get away with running around and screaming I probably would. Take something to entertain them with, you might need to get inventive, pay some attention to them yourself and not worry too much about other people – you’ll never see them again.

I know Britain isn’t well known for liking children but when did we get so very intolerant? It’s one thing not really welcoming them in public (which is bad enough) but making mass assumptions on someone’s parenting techniques based on an unremarkable incident? What a horrible nation we seem to be.

This afternoon I got a ticket to the local branch of the Fabian society who are meeting next month to discuss the place of women in the Labour Party manifesto for 2015. Who knows if this will have any effect but I thought it might be interesting. Someone somewhere has to try and do something to represent people – it would be nice if Labour remembered what they were for.

I finished The Postman Always Rings Twice on the bus home and was disappointed. It probably didn’t help that S and I watched Double Indemnity on DVD the other week and it’s the same author, same style and same storyline. I know it’s a classic and all but I never thought any of it was plausible.

S had bought a new mobile today and has spent most of the evening trying to work it. There have been SIM issues. It appears to be ok now. I hope.

E had got food of some kind in her hair so we had to wash it in the bath this evening. She’s very good with water in general and did a LOT of splashing this evening. Now she’s in bed we’ve eaten fish fingers for tea, made some bread (in the machine), done a load of washing and now it’s down to writing for the evening. I have several looming deadlines that seemed so long ago when I first heard about them. Plenty of time. Not any more. *gets to it*


I may have some cake first.

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