Diary of a working mum – Friday

First up, two things from last night. The first thing is: what do other people do about managing the multiple chargers and connection leads that hang around the average house these days? I had a meltdown last night trying to get one out of the cupboard. We have four mobile charging leads, one radio charger, one camera charger, three ipod leads, two mobile USB connectors, one external hard drive and leads, one camera USB lead and one lead I have no idea what its for. 

The second thing was that E was awake and coughing badly when we came to bed. She’s started sleeping on her tummy which I find odd since when she’s awake she’s never liked being on her front, which I think is the main reason she’s not interested in crawling. Anyway, she was awake and restless last night until I went in to settle her blankets and I stood with my hand on her arm and back. She immediately settled down and was soon snoring away. It still astounds me that I can do this for her. I am the least maternal person I know. And yet she knows I’m there and she’s comforted by it. I don’t know that I will ever get used to it. I don’t know that I will ever stop feeling grateful that I can soothe her like this. 

And so onto today. E was asleep when I got up so I was able to shower and dress before she was awake. Because we washed her hair at bathtime last night, she’d gone to bed with it wet and it was MASSIVE this morning. Very funny. She has my useless fine hair so this didn’t last long – it’ll never hold a style, she’d better get used to it. When I was little, possibly about seven or eight, I was in a ballet performance where we all needed to have curly hair. I spent the morning uncomfortably in my mum’s curlers and she took them out at the last moment before we drove to the performance. By the time we arrived (possibly a 20 minute drive, no more) my hair was as straight as a poker and they looked at me with disappointed faces. This is E’s future too. Rubbish hair. Perhaps she’ll shave it off. 

S had his uniform for his job arrive yesterday – loads of it – three shirts and aprons, two fleeces, a clip on tie and trousers. They give you everything except shoes and he’s finding that he misses the comfort of his DMs. 

It was a lovely crisp winter’s morning and the park and bus journey were as usual. After breakfast at work, I set about one of my favourite tasks – condensing our press coverage into a pithy email for everyone to read. There were various emails flying around and a number of people are still referencing my maternity cover. Today one came in that said “she did this before D-Day.” There have been lots of things like this. It’s unintentional but they do make me feel pretty crappy. It makes me feel like I’ve come in and taken her job from her. It’s nice that they liked her and that she did a good job but I’m back now. These, combined with the “take it easy” and “how are you managing, do you need help” emails make me feel like no one thinks I can do this. As I said it’s unintentional. I’m probably just being stupid. 

I phoned the nursery to ask if we can put E in on Mondays while S goes to work (fine) and do they take Sainsbury’s active kids vouchers (yes). Then I phoned the doctor’s as I decided E has been coughing for too long and needs to be checked out. It didn’t occur to me before this week – I think as I’m the sort of person who doesn’t often need to go to the docs myself I don’t like to bother them when it’s something you can deal with yourself. But it’s different now. The receptionist asked what the problem was so she “could assign the best doctor to it.” I never like that – it makes me feel uncomfortable (is that why they do it?) and I wanted not to sound like a hysterical parent. 

We had lunch together as a goodbye for my maternity cover as some team members were on holiday when she left last week. It was a Thai restaurant. I love Thai food – it was delicious though the service was casual. I’m usually fine with slow service but today I actually had something to complete before I left work so it was a bit of a rush (though the adrenaline rush was helpful). We sat next to the most miserable couple I’ve ever seen – aside from a few brief comments about their food, they sat not looking at each other and certainly not talking to each other. Most odd. 

After work I took back a library book and bought milk on S’s instructions – we ran out last night and he was gasping for tea. I got home just in time to get E in her pushchair and had to run to the doctor’s. They always make such a fuss about missing appointments. In the event, as I expected, they were running late and I got so hot from running and the heating being so high in the waiting room that I was bright red in the face. The doctor (a cat owner – there were hairs all over his jumper) checked E out and said he thought it was probably a number of colds or viruses one after the other. He reassured me though and said after a few weeks it was worth checking just to rule out anything like chest infections or bronchitis.  Clearly he didn’t want me thinking I’d overreacted or wasted the NHS’s time. 

S had done the shopping when we got home (hooray!) but forgotten he’d asked me to buy milk so we now have four cartons in the house. Lucky there’s room in the freezer. Bath and bed for E and then Friday nights are crap food and a movie. I have eaten pizza (I know, after a two course lunch, I’m a pig) and am getting this done before we watch something. This is terribly long so I shall finish. More tomorrow. 

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  1. Polly Butterworth says:

    I keep my camera charger in the box, laptop leads in the case, phone leads in a drawer in the sideboard. Don’t own an ipod or MP3 so don’t have lads for them.

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