Diary of a working mum – Saturday

Having gone to bed at 9.30 last night, S very kindly got up at 6.30 to tend to E while I had a lie in. She was awake twice in the night, once just as I came to bed (for about an hour) and then again at 5, both times with her dreadful hacking cough. I get up around 8.30, get into my gym stuff, have a banana and a cup of tea and get E dressed for a while before going to the gym.

I have a really good session at the gym; at that time of day it’s not too busy and I can take my pick of equipment, more or less. The groups of large men don’t seem to be here on Saturdays, only normal sized folk quietly determined to exercise and get on with it. I come away feeling positive and glowing, which is impressive in itself. Only thing is I need to make a gym playlist – when I run on the treadmill then I listen to Doves but I need something else while I’m using the weights and things. This morning it was just one song by Asteroid Galaxy Tour on repeat.

I feel a little smug in the gym changing room, coming out of the shower after a session and putting my swimming costume on. It makes me look like I’m an exercise junkie when in reality E has swimming lessons after lunch and it’s easier in the changing room if I’ve got my costume on already.

S goes to the tip with some gardening things when I get back and after E has had a snack, we walk to the shop to buy the paper and some fruit. It’s a lovely spring day FINALLY!! and I don’t have a coat on, just a top and jumper. I can feel my inner daffodil unfurl, stretch and grow towards the sun. We come back and fill up the bird feeders. Our back garden is too built up for the birds so we put feeders out the front across the road, on the edge of the wasteground and they’ve been very successful, attracting all sorts of feathered types. On some days it really was obvious we were keeping them alive – one snowy day S went to fill them up and the birds were waiting quite close, desperate to feed as soon as they could.

We got to the swimming baths a little early but soon it was time to go in and get E changed and ready. She loves swimming and today was no exception. We had two watching mums comment on how she never stops smiling and gets really excited by the pool.  Three underwater swims, a session of back swimming and teaching her how to hold onto the side later, we get out and changed and she wolfs down a banana, some corn puffs and a rice cake.

S had to go to the garden centre so we decided it would be best to go after swimming, giving E a chance to nap on the journey. After her first swimming lesson she didn’t have an afternoon nap and was exhausted and fast asleep by 5.30. We got her ready for bed in a grizzling half asleep state so naps have to be factored into Saturday afternoons now.

S did his gardening when we got home and E and I had tea and then started to watch Spirited Away on TV but I got freaked out by it so we switched to a repeat of the British Sewing Bee instead. I’m an amateur sewer but even I could see what was wrong with some of those – what the contestants were thinking I do not know. S spent some time playing with his new phone – having been a man who for so many years didn’t want much from a phone he’s now having all kinds of fun with this one, taking little films of E, looking for apps, experimenting with the voice recorder. It’s quite sweet really. I made dinner while E and S read books together and then it was bath and bed time. E is snoring as I type this and S is washing up dinner things. We’re planning on catching the new Swedish crime drama on BBC4 tonight and then I shall probably go to bed, leaving S to watch football. I do often watch MOTD with him but like to be extra girly (for no reason, I used to watch football, I know the offside rule, there’s no reason to conform to stereotype except for my own amusement) and comment on the players’ hairstyles or the size of their noses or wonder out loud why all the managers are Scottish. It’s probably not the best company.

But I’ve got all those library books to get through at some point so I should do some reading. I shall attempt to finish sewing the toy for my friend’s baby tonight. If successful, tomorrow’s blog post may have a picture on it.

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