Diary of a working mum – the conclusions

So the experiment is over and part of me is sad. I rather liked noting down things to tell you about. But it was quite time consuming. So what have I learnt about myself and my habits this last week?

First up, this was a quiet week. Reading group was last week, writing group is this week, Creative Nottingham meeting is next week and my choir didn’t meet due to the Easter hols. I also wasn’t on blogging duty for CN which can eat up time. Nevertheless I think I got a good amount done. I also think I’m pretty typical in being busy and having lots to do.

What DIDN’T get done? Well, there wasn’t much house cleaning. If I’m honest, there’s no difference here than when I didn’t have a child. We keep it ticked over but there’s no real rush to do any deep cleaning. I also dust just twice a year (before Xmas decorations go up and the only week in summer where I notice the sun catching the dust on the mantelpiece)

I also noticed that I didn’t get a lot of time to myself. When I was on maternity leave I thought I’d have a bit more of this once I was back in work and now I realise I thought this would happen in the office. It’s only now I’m back there that I can see how isolated I’d made myself before I went on maternity leave. I was very bored and saw no future and no way out as the job market seemed static. I didn’t speak to many people there, had my headphones on all day and I think my line manager may have been a little out of his depth when wondering what to do with me. I did at one point wonder if I was bordering on depressed but I don’t think this can be right. I don’t know. Anyway, this is different now. So I don’t have much time to myself. The bus journeys, that’s about it. For someone used to spending (and often preferring) time on her own, this is a bit of a shock.

But apart from that, I’m not sure that there was much missed. If I wasn’t at work would I achieve anything more? I’d be looking after E so I don’t see how I could. So the only thing I don’t get done is be with E. I don’t sew or do craft things as much as I used to. But again, being with E wouldn’t make any difference to that – she’s bound to eat glue or something.

As a response to this experiment I’ve started reading Gaby Hinsliff’s Half a Wife. She examines the modern family, work-life balance and division of labour. So far, so interesting though she hasn’t yet suggested any solutions to the problems she’s highlighted. There’s a lot of info and opinion to cover so my responses to it will probably be spread over a few blog posts.

I was planning on writing a longer piece about this but a) I’ve forgotten what else I was going to say and b) since the laptop crashed last night I have a CN blog post to write tonight instead. I will say quickly though, this week has got me more followers and likes than usual so hello to new folk and thanks to all of you. Thanks also to anyone who has commented this week, via whatever means. Your feedback is important to us!

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