Still hot and bothered

The unelected wife of the barely elected Prime Minister has taken it upon herself to comment on UK foreign policy. Aside from the sense of entitlement you probably get when you’re descended from royalty, she appears to think it’s ok to comment because she’s “speaking as a mother.”

This annoys me. It annoyed me when I wasn’t a parent and it annoys me now. The situation in Syria is terrible. They need humanitarian aid. I don’t need to be a parent to see that, I just need to be a human being.

It’s the hot weather that makes me more susceptible to being annoyed by stuff like this. Sam Cam’s front page of the Times headline was just one of the things to irritate me in the heat today. The others were:

1) The British habit of reserving seats in coffee shops before buying anything. I walked into a shop today with the pushchair. There was a lot of seating upstairs but no lift so my options were limited to the empty seats in the window or the empty seats at the back. I would have had to block the access to the disabled toilet at the back so the front. There were two people in front of me in the queue. Both had take out. I ordered my lunch, picked E up from her pushchair and turned to the seat. There was a woman sitting there with a friend in the queue. She saw me and said “Don’t worry, I’ll go upstairs.” I turned back to pay. When I went to sit down I found another woman with another friend in the queue sitting there. She waved me over and told me to sit down. She then got up slowly and said “You really should have left the pushchair here to save bothering people.” My parents used to make me reserve seats sometimes when I was a child. I hated it even more than I hated it when my mum made me stand up and offer my seat to an old lady on the bus. (It’s the exposure, you understand, I didn’t resent the seat for the elderly.) It’s so bloody underhand. And when you’ve a hot baby who wants a cuddle and some juice you don’t need to be blamed for taking your turn.

(There’s been a bit of discussion about etiquette in the media following the mobile phone in the supermarket incident. I say, for us all to get along with established rules we need to:

  • Not use phones in shops, coffee shops, cinemas or theatres. I will allow pubs. 
  • Not reserve seats in coffee shops before we’ve bought anything
  • Say thank you to bus drivers
  • Pick up your dog shit!
  • Don’t drop litter
  • Don’t wear those silly trousers that fall down round your waist
  • Don’t make the front page of the Times run your silly opinions
  • And don’t play music on the bus


2) Making the royal baby’s birth into some kind of excuse to shop. If I didn’t want to buy anything from Baby Gap for my own child’s birth, why would I want to buy something there to celebrate the birth of someone else’s? And certainly not a complete stranger I couldn’t give a toss about. Why would you even make that distinction? I could never be a proper marketer.

3) Actually that’s it. But that was enough.

Bring on the break in the weather.

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