Keeping track of the days – with added peas

Twice in the last week or so I’ve been asked how I’m finding the new compressed hours at work. As such I wonder if it’s time to do a second round of daily blogging to talk about my day? (I did this a few months ago as an experiment to see if I was missing out on anything… you can read this here.)

Well, first an update: it’s Wednesday so what’s been going on this week?

Monday was my extra day off. I now work Tuesday to Friday but compress full time (37) hours into those four days. Essentially in theory I miss E’s bedtime but get extra time with her on three-day weekends. I got E up and fed, then went to the gym for my usual workout. I usually go at weekends but now S works on Saturdays I’ve changed it to Sunday and Monday mornings. The Monday workout somehow manages to loosen up my stiff joints and aching muscles from the day before.

S went off to the arboretum when I returned so E and I decided to have an outing. I wanted to visit certain shops to find S an anniversary present (nine years – pottery or willow. Still trying to find ideas) and took the bus to Arnold. She slept most of the way and woke in the second store where I’d had no luck in present buying. The sky darkened and it was nearly lunchtime so we headed to the nearest food place – the cafe at Sainsbury’s cafe (glamorous). Just in time as the heavens opened and torrential rain fell.

I ordered E sausage, mash and peas alongside a satsuma and juice. I had coffee and a toasted tea cake. She demolished the satsuma and cried when it ran out, but fortunately the dinner arrived and she immediately started grabbing peas and shoving them in her mouth, or at least the ones that didn’t go all over the floor. Still, at least she likes the healthy food!

After the shops we went to the playground across the road and she was fascinated by the children on the zip wire – we stood and watched them for ages. Otherwise she was happy walking around. She’s not at the full walking stage, she still prefers to hold both hands but occasionally in the house she will walk about one handed for a short distance.

Once home we read books and watched a spot of telly – cbeebies on iplayer. We don’t watch the bedtime hour as much as we used to now they’ve changed the schedules – too much Waybaloo which we find too soppy, so the iplayer it is. After E is in bed I made a cake (disastrous as I find so many of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s are – perhaps it’s just me) and a beef stew for dinner at work this week. And then I talk to my sister for an hour and a half while S went to bed.

Yesterday work was fine – ticked off my to do list and walked at lunchtime. They’re doing engineering work on the railway bridge round the corner and have been closing the road off at 7.30 each night. Last night they shut it early and several double deckers had to make their way along the residential street at the end of our road. Several worried locals were watching to make sure their wing mirrors were not knocked off – in the event it was a BMW that did the damage and I watched as one man ran along the road after it yelling.

The council are also replacing all the lamp posts in the area and I arrived home to find we have a new one right outside the house and our bedroom window. There are only five houses on the street and it’s never had a problem with inadequate lighting in the old arrangement so who knows which brain of Britain thought this was a good idea. No wonder we didn’t find out about it until it was done. Thanks very much. We already have blackout material on the curtains – perhaps I’ll get one of those masks like Audrey Hepburn wears in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

This is getting quite long! I’ll do part two in a separate post.

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