Keeping track – Thursday

E woke at 6am this morning. Lucky she is quite good at entertaining herself for a while till we decide we can face getting up (or the alarm goes off). I have the usual Thursday morning panic attack where I forget what day it it, worry that S has slept through his alarm and then remember he’s got the day off.

It’s gloomy but promising and I settle on the bus with a book. I’m reading crime for a spot of light relief – Jo Nesbo – but was losing patience with Harry Hole and his self pitying boozing. I prefer my alcoholics less irritating. Fortunately it improves so by the end of the bus journey, I’m resolved to carry on.

At lunch I head out to try and find S’s anniversary gift. I’ve had a look on t’internet and Lakeland may have what I want. They don’t. I could order it from them or I could try going to B&Q at the weekend. I decide to try B&Q. It’s a risk but I’ve probably left it too late now anyway to order online and delivery is always a problem. Someone has turned the Lakeland air conditioning to Arctic setting and it’s pretty uncomfortable. I am a fan of neither very hot nor very cold weather and I always wonder why air con doesn’t seem to come with a “sensibly mild” setting but there you go.

It seems to be flying ant day in Nottingham. Nasty things.

I also pop over to the Token House, an independent card and gift shop and find a couple of cards – one to send my sister and one for my half-brother’s birthday next July – I was in desperate hope they might have something suitable for S’s gift. He’s difficult to buy for at the best of times but when the options have been limited to either pottery or willow gifts it’s worse. The Token House has many things on their shelves, some with bird themes which he’d like, but nothing really appropriate for him or of the right material. There are also some very odd items – who on earth needs 26 coasters? and I instagram a picture of some deluxe false teeth because the deluxe description makes me laugh. “Well, I wasn’t going to buy these plastic pieces of nonsense but now you’ve said they’re deluxe, I can’t resist!”

Work is essentially uneventful though I do have Test Match Special on over the internet which makes everything more civilised. I try not to get too distracted by the potential irritants on Twitter – more defences of rape threats, Yorkshire Day, anything to do with the government – and start work on an update for my meeting on Monday. Having said that I do rant and rave against a headline in the Huffington Post which mentions a protest by feminists in India against a practice of checking brides are still virgins. The use of the word feminist annoys me here; it implies the protest can be safely ignored or it’s of niche value due to the crazy women getting involved. It’s just a sense I have rather than anything that was actually written but it seems easier to dismiss something at the moment for being feminist.

On getting home I realise I left my keys in the house this morning and can’t get in. S is upstairs putting E to bed so I have no option except pick blueberries and read my book. Then the back door opens and they’re both there as they’ve come downstairs to get more milk. E is thirsty. She’s delighted to see me and scrambles into my arms, seeming very awake considering it’s past her bedtime. I take her up to bed and put her down in the cot. She clearly is tired but the heat is bothering her a little so she doesn’t go to sleep immediately but rubs her eyes and smiles at me. It’s hard to describe how this makes me feel without sounding ghastly and gooey so I won’t but it’s very cute.

Main task this evening was to place the supermarket order. I hate this. I hate it less than actually going to the shop but I find it really hard to think of things to make for the week and therefore to buy. I like to cook and I like to ensure we have variety but it gets so dull, despite having a loads of recipe books. Still, I place the order to arrive on Saturday evening. I also send a second email about the collaborative novel – fleshing out the plot for my character in future chapters. I don’t usually write to plan – or at least not to this detailed a plan – so this is a new experience for me.

I had a hissy fit last night when I made a mistake in my knitting so I’m not in the mood to do that tonight. I shall relax in an alternative way. Probably more reading. More tomorrow. x

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