Keeping track – Friday

My body clock is depressingly reliable most days and today I wake at 6 and doze till the alarm. S gives E her milk while I shower and then I get her ready and take her to nursery. A Friday feeling seems to have come over the area – greetings and smiles all round as we pass people dogwalking or on their way to work, accompanied by birdsong and the tinny sound of radios  – despite the few droplets of rain on the air.

I’m alone in the office today, which I like, mainly as I’m misanthropic, and settle down with Test Match Special to get some bits done. Occasionally I have cause to yell at the printer but essentially it’s a good morning. I also get a free coffee from Nero’s today which is much needed.

I make some enquiries and buy tickets for the Nottingham Women’s Conference in September, fringe events and the main event. I will have to take E with me on the day but they’ve promised a free creche so we’ll see how she does. The fringe events look really interesting and I’ve asked some of the conference organisers to blog for Creative Nottingham as I’m on duty next week. I’ve booked for a workshop on honour-based violence, a discussion of women only spaces and events and an audience with Oona King. I’ll see how much more I can fit in without taking the mickey and asking S for more E-sitting than is reasonable in a month.

(I attract more followers to the blog when I do these daily diaries so a brief hello to you all. Thanks for reading. Please do comment.)

At lunch I stop off at the Post Office to return a spare part in the latest episode in the monitor saga. When S took E to her grandparents’ house in June, he left behind the charger for the parent bit of the monitor we use to hear her when she’s in bed. They posted it to us but it never arrived. Philips have stopped making that model so they put us in touch with someone who can supply parts – he first sent the lead to charge the baby unit (wrong and returned today) then they sent the base of the adapter but without a lead to plug it in. Finally we got the lead too but they only had the European version so now we’ve had to order a plug adapter for a two pin plug. In the meantime, we’re getting through batteries like no one’s business.

I decide to meet S and see if he fancies lunch together. We haven’t seen much of each other this week with early bedtimes (him) and me being frazzled in front of a computer so we have half an hour outside a cafe pretending to be cosmopolitan. A busker is down from the cafe with his guitar, confirming my theory that the only legacy Oasis left British music was fodder for amateur buskers. To be fair to the kid, he does nail the whiny nasal vocals well. I guess it makes a change from Here Comes the Sun.

The afternoon passes much the same, I water the office plants and come home. E has made cakes at nursery today, well iced them, and then eaten one. She has remains of dinner on her face. She’s quite tired though and screams at bedtime but is soon asleep and we sit and eat pizza, garlic bread and salad washing it down with pear cider in the garden. The house martins are singing overhead, though S notes that the swifts have probably emigrated already. He is distressed that the slugs have eaten most of his cosmos – only one left. He’ll soon be patrolling at midnight with a torch like my grandpa used to do.

After a while there’s a nip in the air so we come inside (there wasn’t much room for us outside anyway as the plants are taking over.) and we are about to eat ice cream and relax on the sofa. Happy Friday all!

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One Response to Keeping track – Friday

  1. Kate says:

    We still have swifts in Somerset! Kate aka @voiceinthetent

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