Keeping track – Saturday

Harry Hole (The Devil’s Star) got too creepy for me to read alone last night so I knitted (a dressing gown for E) in front of a DVD. S had gone to bed early as he started work at 6am again today. E woke at 6.45 and was in a good mood as I got her milk and breakfast ready. She likes having breakfast with me as I have grated apple in my muesli and she helps herself from the grater. I have decided I’m bored and pissed off with being tired all the time. After all, it’s not really long hours I work and it’s mostly sitting down so I don’t have cause to complain. I decide it’s a state of mind. 

We went out to buy a paper and then went to the park. I’ve never yet met a dog owner that doesn’t smile as E points and gets excited at the sight of their pet. Today we also spent some time talking to the ducks on the pond, white ones that came up behind the pushchair and the normal Mallards. A friend from playgroup was at the playground but her mother was slightly distracted by having baby and dog with her so not much time to chat. 

Our most important mission was to buy S’s anniversary gift. When a search for pottery items drew a blank, my sister also found out that willow was a suitable 9 year present so I found a willow vegetable planter in B&Q and some veg seeds. It’s a token gift, you understand. I will be glad after next year (tin) when we don’t have to worry about specific items for a while. E fell asleep in the car and so missed me taking a circuitous route to B&Q as I wasn’t paying attention. I got out the old pram that the car seat attaches too – haven’t used it for a while and had forgotten how smooth and easy to steer it is compared to the pushchair. Like driving a BMW after a rusty old Cortina (not that I’ve driven either you understand.) She slept through me browsing the kitchens too – once in a while I get an urge to improve an area of the house but the kitchen really does need doing and has done for years. My sister has volunteered my brother in law to fit it (apparently he likes that kind of thing) so I have to get a quote and design together first. I find myself seriously eyeing some of those concealed cupboard storage thingys and decide we’ve been here long enough. 

E wakes just as we arrive home and I sit her at the table to eat a snack while I do a whistlestop bathroom cleaning/ putting the washing on. make much needed coffee tour of the house. We play for a while, getting her building blocks out and are ensconced in making a lovely castle when S gets home. 

The plug adapter for the monitor has arrived but for some reason the order has gone through twice so we’ve got two of them. It only cost £2.50 so we reason that the postage to return it will be at least that. If anyone wants an adapter for a two pin plug then let me know. It’s a fitting end of incompetence to this lengthy saga. 

E and I hang out washing (she on the ground playing with the pegs) and I pick sweet peas to put in a vase. It appears that most of Nottingham’s bees are in our back garden and at one point we’re joined by five cabbage white butterflies. 

After lunch I’m changing E’s nappy when my sunglasses fall off onto her tummy. I put them on her to try and she lies quite happily wearing them, though they slip at several points and she ends up looking like Eric Morecambe. This makes me laugh more than is probably necessary. S is tired and goes for a lie down while E and I read all her library books at least twice. More in some cases. She gets a bit grizzly and looks like she might be tired so I decide to take her for a walk to Wollaton Park. We come here with her at least twice a week – it’s the perfect length for a walk and there’s lots of dogs, ducks and deer to look at, plus a cafe and changing facilities if necessary.

During the walk I ponder having a new feature on this blog to liven it up a bit. The options are:

  • picture of the day (taken by me at some point)
  • recipe of the week (I saved the Guardian’s children’s recipes last week in a separate folder in preparation for E wanting to help in the kitchen. In the meantime I could do things I’m currently feeding her and so on.)
  • Blog of the week – I recommend another blog I like. Self explanatory really
  • Book of the week. I could review what I’m reading and what E’s reading. 

The last appeals most. The blogs I can add to the side of the homepage. Comments please!

I feed E her tea on the grass and she looks like she wants to walk a bit but we find it difficult for her to find something to hold onto on the old pram so I leave it behind and walk with her a bit, sit her down and go back for the pram, running it towards her which she finds very funny. We do this five times before she gets tired and I can put her back in the seat. 

When we get home I make her banana custard and we play some more, watch a quick but of TV (Charlie and Lola and 64 Zoo Lane – yay!) and then give E a bath. S has received the supermarket delivery and we’ve realised my incompetence in placing the order again – last week I only ordered a single banana, this week we have two lettuces. No idea why. S harvests green beans and blueberries from the garden and I store them in the freezer. I really love growing food.

Now E’s asleep and we’ve had dinner, I must make a crumble and finish typing this before Top of the Lake starts. The only thing we regularly watch on TV all week. Following that, I shall read some of my music hall research for the novel. Till tomorrow!

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