Keeping track – Sunday

I left S watching Kick Ass before the football last night as I wasn’t finding it funny and went to read my book instead. (Into the Beautiful North – Luis Alberto Ureal) Two main points from watching Top of the Lake though – it’s supposed to be winter and NZ houses, especially wooden cabins, do not have any central heating so why was she happy wearing only a vest top and shorts? And why does Holly Hunter always plays loonies these days? Aside from that, loving it.

E was up and crying three times in the night, S got up first and then I went to her the other times. As a result I slept through her waking this morning and S had given her milk and breakfast by the time I got up. I was supposed to go to the gym this morning but really couldn’t face it so as a compromise ran round the park a few times instead. I’ve forgotten how nice it is to run in the outdoors. One older man walking his dog couldn’t quite believe I was doing it though – he looked incredulous every time I passed him on the path. S had taken E to buy the Sunday paper and while he was out he bought a Euromillions and National Lottery ticket for Tuesday and Wednesday. He then stuffed them into the bottom of the pram and by the time he got home only one of the four pieces of paper remained. He didn’t notice when the tickets flew away or what the numbers were. This story sums him up so neatly. I’m a great believer in sod’s law so in about six weeks I’m pretty sure there’ll be something on the news about the unclaimed winning Euromillions ticket bought in Basford.

As it’s our anniversary tomorrow and I have to change working days and go to a meeting in Leeds we decided to go out for the day, if only to a National Trust place to have lunch and a walk around. I packed up E’s changing bag, grabbed my purse from my handbag, a fleece and our waterproofs and we drove over to Hardwick Hall. E was asleep on the drive but woke as soon as we park (by the way can I have a moment here? First of all, the car park is a testament to the stupidity of the British driver and an absolute mess. I won’t go into details but if you parked in a space that EVERYONE else can see could fit two cars, you’re a pillock. And second, can some one PLEASE explain to me the logic of driving somewhere with lovely buildings, picnic tables and a great view and then sitting in your car to have your picnic? One couple had even brought some kind of Yorkshire Tea in a can thing and had it resting on the dashboard. You see people do this all over the place. Why? It eludes me.)

Anyway, E wanted to walk everywhere though first of all I took her to look at some cows. She’s seen them before but ages ago and since then she’s got really into animals so this was very exciting for her. Lots of pointing and exclaiming. Then we had to walk to the gate to pay and then through the courtyard. It took aaaaagggggggeeeessss. It was also a little awkward since S had found E’s juice cup had leaked all over his bag. (Review: Sainsbury’s two-handled beakers with a rubber mouthpiece. They glow in the dark – great! – but they also leak easily. Not so great.) Luckily it was lunchtime so we made our way to the restaurant and E was entertained with a rice cake and some stacking star cups while we waited for food to arrive. S’s baked potato with cheese and my baked Camembert were both lovely but E didn’t eat much of her pizza. She did, however, grab a tomato and bite into it before i could put her bib on so got covered in tomato juice. I packed the rest of the pizza up to take home and fed her a banana and Babybel instead (always carry these). At this point I removed my sunglasses and put them in the changing bag back pocket with my phone – remember this, and also remember I also had no handbag.

More walking after lunch and S and I decided to try and exhaust E by encouraging her to walk back and forth to us unaided. She didn’t but there were some goodish efforts. We continued round the gardens and eventually she got tired and got put back in the pram and fell asleep so we could finish walking round and examine the plants. (S is a horticulturist and Hardwick have some good specimens.) I got my phone out at one point to take a picture of a plant that had, no exaggeration, nearly 100 bees on it. Yes really. We went back to the car and I decided the sky had brightened enough to put my sunglasses back on. They were not in the changing bag. I searched and rummaged, checked all pockets, checked the pram, checked all the car places I could think of but there was no sign of them. I grabbed the entrance ticket and ran back, leaving my waterproof jacket behind. It started raining.

This is not the first time this year I have lost glasses after stowing them in the back pocket of the changing bag. The first time it was snowing heavily and I went to find them and slipped onto my arse, giving me whiplash for two days. No slipping this time, just a sense of being a right idiot. I retraced our footsteps with no sign of them, heart sinking at the expense of getting new ones (they’re prescription, I can’t drive without them and generally wear them a lot. dammit why no handbag?) before finally making back to the entrance of the gardens where I asked the nice men at the gate. “Have you had some sunglasses handed in?” He reaches for something. “Those ones!” I must have looked so pathetically grateful. Apparently they have a bag of lost ones up at the house – a couple more hours they would have been consigned to the place specs go to die. I run back to the car with them clutched in one hand and resolve always to take a handbag out with me. S snorts at this, he mocks my bag obsession.

I talk to my mum when we get back, drink tea and make dinner for E and us (salmon and potato fishcakes with peas for E, roast veg and rice for us). E has a bath and we wash her hair which she hates. Now she’s asleep, I must pack some breakfast into my work bag and set the alarm for 5am. Eeaurgh!

Anyway, time to eat plum crumble and relax. Sending special thank you thoughts to the person who handed my glasses in today.

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