Time, space and a new kitchen

So it’s Friday and it wasn’t even 8 o’clock before I was made to feel inadequate. “Have you walked for Mummy yet?” asked ALL the nursery staff as E and I arrived for breakfast. E took her first unaided steps on Wednesday and hasn’t repeated them yet. My only consolation is that she didn’t do it for S yesterday either. Still not 8am and I had to run for the bus with one heeled shoe falling off and then I dropped my keys. The driver waited for me – bless him. My, for once, carefully coordinated outfit and nearly styled hair blown in one brief moment.

So I thought, dammit, let’s indulge in a bit of fantasy land for a while. The folk at BritMums are offering a prize of £100 high street vouchers for their latest Linky challenge – to celebrate the National Lottery changes in October, (www.national-lottery.co.uk) we need to decide how to spend £20,000. Appropriately for me, working as I do in Lottery world, I have thought about this many many times (who hasn’t?). We have a syndicate at work and always agreed that if we did win, we’d not publicise it – bearing in mind the number of times we get asked if we know what the numbers will be… (It was mildly funny the first time, after five years the joke has worn thin.)

My main desires are: time, space and a new kitchen. Working long days and looking after E so S can work means time is in short supply. So perhaps I could get one of these:

Time turner-chain_NN7017

(For non-Harry Potter fans, it’s a time turner. Hermione uses it to take more classes than are on her timetable AND save Sirius and Buckbeak.) You can get these for a range of prices depending on quality of metal from a £4.99 miniature one to £132 sterling silver.

Whether they work is of course another matter…

Next up, space. I’m a big believer in a “room of one’s own” especially for writing and, since E has joined us, I don’t have that anymore. I do a lot of writing and work at the computer desk in the dining room or at the dining room table. More likely, when I actually need to think and write something it’ll be done in a coffee shop in town with a notebook. With my time turner I could carve some time out each day to write in a proper session but it would be great to do that in a space of my own. I was thinking of a writing room – a shed, a gypsy caravan, a disused railway carriage or a shipping container (we have a coffee shop round here just opened up in a shipping container; I also have a friend who slept in one while he was working in Afghanistan. My only experience of them before that was as a crime scene in the second series of The Wire.)


Virginia Woolf wrote in a shed:

I rather like this one:

summerhouse 2

This is a bespoke shed from Red Squirrel Sheds in Yorkshire who can do a 12 x 12ft summerhouse shed for about £1,840.

There are some lovely gypsy caravans out there, primarily as shed substitutes for wealthy folk, as far as I can tell. My one and only gypsy caravan experience was in my favourite Roald Dahl book, Danny the Champion of the World, where Danny and his dad live in an old one held up by bricks instead of wheels. It came across on the page as a warm, comforting place, even when Danny wakes up alone and worried in the night the first time, he stays in the safety of the caravan until his father returns. I always wanted to live in one, just to be like Danny and his dad.

This kind of one is great:


The Gypsy Caravan company make them (their pictures are non-copyable so have a look at their website instead)

They cost £15,400 for a painted, built and furnished caravan. I love it. Now, where to put it…?

I can’t find details of disused railway carriages anywhere which is sad. So that leaves shipping containers. A standard used shipping container made wind and watertight costs about £1,600 and obviously I’d need to get it adapted with a spot of flooring, a window cut in and electrics for light and heat (and a kettle) so that’s easily £2,500.

The caravan is obviously the best option of those. But with the prices, I could easily get a shed for me, a shed for S and have money left over for a new kitchen!

Alternatively, I could pack up our troubles in this spanking great thing and me, S & E could drive into the sunset.


£19,950. Hoh, yes.



“This post is an entry for BritMums #Spend20K Challenge sponsored by The National Lottery, with more ways to win more money on the new Lotto game. Find out more about new Lotto, which starts in October, here – www.national-lottery.co.uk

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7 Responses to Time, space and a new kitchen

  1. John says:

    Sooo… what will the numbers be this week? *takes cover*

  2. Love your choices and think I have walked around in Virginia Woolf’s summer house when volunteering for the National Trust. Love camper van and gypsy van! Commenting for myself and BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  3. Please ensure links are included as per terms and conditions of entry

  4. For this entry to be valid, there needs to be a working link to the National Lottery website. You have until midnight tonight 18/8/13 to put this right. Thanks.

  5. jenniferhowze156 says:

    How I would love to have a gypsy caravan for writing! Thanks for taking part.

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