When you’re the mum of a one-year old…

You realise that you’ve forgotten until now how much fun feeding ducks is. You realise you’ve forgotten how much fun going on swings and slides in the park is. And these days you don’t care who watches you. You realise you’ve forgotten how  funny other people’s farts are (especially when they’re so boisterous they make the floor shake as one of E’s did this evening.)

Skills you suddenly need to master include:

  • putting bunches in the hair of someone who won’t sit still
  • not yelling in frustration when your megablock castle is destroyed, again
  • interpreting mumbles and shouts of “Dah!”
  • making the fourth reading today of all the library books sounds as interesting and fun as the first reading

This weekend the consequences of spending time playing with E have meant that I have walked backwards at speed into the linen basket and sat on it and broken it, I have walked very slowly for hours around some of Nottingham’s best parks and have an aching back, I have a growing pile of paperwork and notebooks from things that still need to be done and the carpet has seen better, crumb-free days.

Yesterday in the park one other mum turned to her friend outside the play area and said “oh it’s so mucky in there, let’s not go in.” (It had rained overnight and the park is outside. There was nothing wrong with the equipment.)

I don’t think she was having as much fun as a mum as I am.

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2 Responses to When you’re the mum of a one-year old…

  1. Mum says:

    Some people are so picky!
    Its more fun reading library books for the umpteenth time when they’re older as you can leave out bits to see if they notice or get them to tell you what’s happening!

    • basfordianthoughts says:

      Well I have sympathy now for your Rapunzel experience and can only apologise with the benefit of hindsight. Luckily Sweet Dreams Maisy and the pop up Stripy Cat book went back to the library today.

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