A short glad-hearted post

I’ve been concerned that I don’t walk as much as I used to. I used to walk three miles to work every morning and I just don’t have time now I work longer days. But I’m feeling flabby so I started compromising by getting off the bus a little early and walking the last leg on foot.

This morning, walking on one of those crisp bright autumn mornings down a residential street with leaves falling around me, Elbow’s Weather to Fly came on my ipod and I suddenly had one of those moments where I remembered why I like walking to work. It’s the perspective, you see. It gives you a a chance to take stock and look at things from a distance.

I’ve been talking about how S having his new job, not working shifts any more and having regular days off will help us. The new job started this week, seems to be going well (they also like my flapjack which he shared on Tuesday. Comments were that it was the best they’d ever had and asked for the recipe, no less! It was my mum’s so I had to make sure I gave her the credit. Anyway…) E is doing well with the increased hours at nursery, I am busy but still managing to fit everything in, writing is going well, work is going well and I feel like we’re on top of things.

Every day is a bit of a frantic rush, just to keep on top of things but that’s why moments like this are so important. It all chimed with the weather and the music and the fresh air and exercise and I felt a gladdening as I came into the office. So I thought I’d share.

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