It’s National Blog Post Month! Also National Novel Writing Month and something to do with academic writing and, of course, Movember. I can’t do the last, I’m not qualified enough to do the penultimate, I’ve already done the novel one so NaBloPoMo it is.

Essentially the idea behind this is to a put a blog post up every day in November. Other people have been preparing and supplied lists of things you might blog about, themes and so on. I haven’t done any prep at all and actually have no idea of what I’ll be blogging about. If you have any ideas you’d like me to cover please let me know.

This week has been a pretty good one. A major project I’ve been helping on – Creative Nottingham new website and fourth birthday party was completed. Gin and cake was consumed. A real achievement by all – the website, not the drinking. I managed to clear a massive piece of work and lots of little pieces of work in the day job. E’s witch costume for her Halloween party went down very well with the staff and she had a good week at nursery. (The last two mornings she’s clung to me as I’ve left and I wonder if it has something to do with her only seeing me in the mornings when I’m at work? She sees less of me as the week goes on. But back to the positive stuff) The staff seem to think she said Star and Car there today, we haven’t heard it yet but we’re keeping an ear out. I managed to make a few notes for my writing course assignments this week so must write them up in the next couple of days. And finally I bought some lovely looking compilation CDs (I know, old school) at Fopp. The Strange series – Strange Folk, Strange Country and Strange Soul (they also had jazz and hip hop but not for me so much) – are things that technically are classed folk, country and soul but wouldn’t immediately spring to mind. Only £3 each and beautiful covers. Bargain!

So you’re up to date and I need to think of blog post themes. Seriously, do send in ideas of what I can write about. Thanks!


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