Review – White Post Farm

It’s been quiet over here on the blog the last couple of weeks but I haven’t forgotten you! I wanted to write a review of White Post Farm, local family attraction, as we visited it last weekend when my sister C and my nephew J came to stay.

This was my first visit to the farm and we picked a good day to go – the weather was dry and mild but the farm wasn’t too busy so we parked easily and didn’t have to queue, always a good start.

The farm has loads of different animals and lots of opportunities for children (and adults) to interact with the inhabitants. When you arrive you are given the chance to buy four legged and/ or two legged food for the animals – we had one of each. There is a huge pond with many water fowl – some of E’s favourites, she was very happy just standing pointing at them all (she hasn’t got the hang of throwing yet, just picks up seed and lets it fall through her fingers…) J’s favourite was Goat Mountain, a huge metal contraption where you can send food up to the goats by using a pulley system – he spent quite some time sending the little food holder up and down the pulley regardless of it having food in or not.

Being lizard lovers C and I both preferred the reptile house and, on display for a closer look and to touch if you wanted, was a snake. This enabled E to impress everyone with her snake impression (she picked this up after we read the Gruffalo to her repeatedly and made appropriate noises when the snake appeared. Now she does it all the time.)

Alongside your usual farm favourites – goats, chickens, sheep, cows, pigs and so on – White Post has llamas, wallabies, rheas, deer and rodents. There’s animal activities in the show barn as well as stuff like face painting and pottery, and there’s an indoor and outdoor play area which caters for big and small children. Both E and J loved riding the tractors (small plastic ones and some proper ones you could climb in – we’ve a lovely picture of J looking very small inside a combine harvester/ thresher thing, bless.)

Lunch was fine – though E mainly ate her beans and ignored the rest, I don’t think it was a comment on the quality of the food. I had to explain to Southern C what a cob was which was quite amusing. You don’t realise how much Northern stuff you pick up until you are joined by someone who looks perplexed at the thought of a sausage in a bread roll. And who doesn’t love an attraction with a crazy gold course? Some tough holes there too but I was thrilled to get a hole in one in the one where you send the ball rolling through the cow’s gut… make of that what you will.

All in all, we had a great time (we’ll ignore J running off to the other side of the farm in a misguided attempt to get into the play area and we’ll also apologise again for him posting the wooden thing that holds the menus into the bin in the cafe… Thanks to the staff for being so nice about it.)

I shall return but bring S this time and have a  family day. It’s a good place to have in a short drive from the city so that we can be sure that she won’t be one of those children that gets laughed at by miserable sods in national newspapers for not knowing about cows. We bought S a fridge magnet (our family gift of choice from attractions – who knows why) and S loves pointing at all the animals in the picture. All in all, a good day out! Thanks White Post Farm!

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  1. Mum says:

    Sounds great & I know what a cob is!

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