Christmas and all that…

I’ve just finished baking up a storm of mince pies, stollen pieces and cranberry and white chocolate muffins; wrapping the last of the presents and finally got round to threading the slices of orange I dried last week to hang on our dining room decoration. The Muppets and John Denvers Christmas album is playing in the background (the best Christmas album EVER – no question), everyone else is in bed and I am exhausted. But a quick Christmas blog is in order. 

We’re still figuring out all our Christmas traditions. I suspect we shall develop habits over the next few years as E grows up but for now the traditions involve mulled wine on putting-up-the-decorations day, small pots of hula hoops and cheese biscuits scattered round the house on Christmas Day (my Grandma did this), and giving everyone a chocolate orange as a gift. 

This will only be the third year that S and I have spent Christmas Day alone without travelling to our parents. Our Christmas ritual used to be to have a nice breakfast together, pack the car up and drive three hours to get to whoever’s turn it was this year. But three years ago S had to work Boxing Day and so we stayed home, walked in Wollaton Park in the afternoon and had our dinner together. Snow had fallen on the park, people were sledding, deer were wandering about, robins singing, it was all very Dickensian. After that, we decided no more travelling on Christmas Day. It’s also easier to treat E this way. 

She’s been excited about Santa this year, I think because she’s got a lift the flap book with him in that she’s been reading five or six times a day and her Grandma has sent her a long card with pics of Santa on that we’ve had to blu tack to the wall for her to see. She was one of the only children not to be scared of Santa at nursery’s Christmas party and stood next to him as he handed out presents, patting his knee. But I’m looking forward to seeing what her reaction is to her presents. I kind of want her to play in the box and wrapping paper… 

We’ve been pretty busy since I took a blog holiday and I’m really proud that E and I reviewed some children’s books for For Books’ Sake website. If you have some gift vouchers to spend after the holidays, you could do worse than buy any of these.

As I said, only a brief stop over on the blog for Christmas – I’m sure you have better things to do than read this but I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next year. 


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2 Responses to Christmas and all that…

  1. Merry Christmas Sue! Hope the 3 of you have a wonderful one x

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