For those of us who make a To Do list about three times a week, New Year Resolutions aren’t that different really. I’m supposed to look longer term, aren’t I? Last year my resolutions were all about reading and I failed miserably. I’d made it down to the bare bones of my book collection and the unread volumes contained: EPICs that had been sitting on the shelf for ten years or so (War and Peace, the Famished Road etc), large and somewhat daunting novels that I hadn’t got round to reading (The Lacuna, The English Patient) and non-fiction. So I resolved in 2013 I would read one epic, three of the others and three non fiction, alongside other things such as reading group choices, re-reads and you know, things for fun.

I managed:

600 pages of War and Peace. None of the next lot down. Quite a few non-fiction books but none of the ones on the shelf.

Pathetic. Though bear in mind, 600 pages is a novel and more for other writers.

This year my resolutions are about writing. I had a look through writing projects last week and I hardly managed to finish anything last year. Lots of good ideas, loads of notes, loads of first drafts. Nothing finished. Nothing I could submit. A friend in my writing group had a submission a month sorted last year and I think that seems achieveable – if not actually submitted to a competition/ magazine/ website, then definitely finished and sitting ready to go should the occasion arise.

I have another five days till I need to go back to work and the annual New Year clear out and reorganisation is beckoning. I love doing this. As well as the physical clearing out, it feels like a mental clear out too and a clean sheet in my mind. So the blog will return regularly, and I’m aiming to have a proper structure to writing this year. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime,

To do: (this week before I go back to work)

  • Clear out cupboard under the stairs
  • Clear out the back porch
  • Clear out cupboard in bathroom
  • Have a book purge (War and Peace is already out the back ready to go)
  • Finish using the Ikea kitchen designer computer software
  • Try and move desk round
  • Do fun things with E!
  • Schedule Creative Nottingham meetings and propose new recruitment campaign
  • Type up short story for writing group and entry for Mslexia magazine January pen portrait
  • Investigate if I really want to go to the EM Writers’ Conference
  • Supermarket shop order

Happy New Year!

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2 Responses to Resolving…

  1. John says:

    Lacuna is really good, hope you can find time to give it a try. Frieda Kahlo and Trotsky feature!

    • basfordianthoughts says:

      S is reading it at the mo. I’ve read and enjoyed all her other books, don’t know why I’ve left it this long.

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