Ooze and general goo

I’m writing this on a train while eating muesli with grapes and a yoghurt from a lunchbox which strikes me as terribly organised. It’s also a juxtaposition for a woman who has snot all over her glove after she used it to wipe E’s nose this morning. I didn’t have a tissue, ok? Don’t judge me.

This wiping business strikes me as normal behaviour – the lunchbox on the train is not normal. I am regularly the only person on trains with such things, everyone else tucks into a Greggs. E has a constant stream of colds from nursery and has been been hacking up phlegm like a seasoned smoker. Nice.

Her new habit is as a punishment to me for getting her up in the mornings. She waits till I’ve taken her nappy off, wees all over the changing mat and, as I move her onto the floor to clear up the changing mat, wees all over the carpet. Sometimes more than once. I can see potty training is going to be a riot. There’s nothing that makes you gladder for your office job than spending your early morning on your hands and knees scrubbing a carpet.

Ad in the meantime the simplest of things continue to confuse us. A work colleague of S gave us some pull up nappies they no longer needed. I’ve been using them for E but have no idea which way round they go. She had some swim nappies which helpfully had the word ‘back’ printed on them in an attempt to idiot-proof them, but no such luck here. So far no leaks and I’ve decided Dora goes at the front. But that still left S with a problem. Running the bath the other day, I heard a plaintive “how do I take these off?” from E’s room.

These things are meant to help us. It’s just another example of me feeling like everyone else knows what they’re doing more than I do. But the law of averages means that I must have something that I’ll be able to do no problem. I very much doubt it will be potty training though…

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  1. mrsskulleybones says:

    Fab blog. I’ve nominated you for a Lieber award. Pop over to my blog Time Out Raising Chill-dren to find out more.

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