Time to Talk Day

TTC_TTTDay_HashtagIt’s Time to Talk Day. Time to Talk about mental health and to make sure that everyone you know who may have worries, concerns, anxieties and stress, as well as more serious mental health issues, knows they can talk to you and not be judged. Let’s shy away from hiding things like this, let’s help each other!

In this spirit, I gave permission for Mama Baby Bliss, a parenting wellbeing Twitter account, to retweet a post I’d written from my old pregnancy blog about panic attacks:


There’s a quote out there somewhere about how, when starting a conversation with someone, it’s worth bearing in mind that they may be struggling with something you’re just not aware of. I’m not telling you what to do but… one in four of us will have some kind of mental illness at some stage in our lives. And everyone has days where everything’s just a bit shit. So let’s talk about it!

For more information on the Time to Talk Day, or the Time to Change campaign you can go to the website or Twitter pages.

Good mental health everyone!

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