Celebrating H&M

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m not one for the pinkification of modern girlhood. Talk of girls being princesses, dressed head to toe in pink terrifies me. A little choice, that’s all I’m asking for. Choice for the girl who looks really good in strong dark colours, choice for the girl who likes playing with cars, choice for the girl who loves riding her trike fast through muddy puddles.

So you can imagine my absolute joy when I came across these in H&M today:


Tights with cars on! TIGHTS WITH PIRATES ON!!!!! Bloody brilliant. I am so jealous – in fact it didn’t occur to me to check if they make adult sizes. But seriously. These are fab. 

Now can you do something about all the Hello Kitty merch? Thanks


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5 Responses to Celebrating H&M

  1. E Davies says:

    Thinking that the dress I bought for Christmas would look good with the pirate tights and a stripy t-shirt, great trike riding outfit!!!!

  2. Mum says:

    I love H & M for just that reason, they have things for children that are a bit different. I think they’re Scandinavian aren’t they?

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