When bloggers meet…

So after an eventful Friday night (see previous post), I wasn’t sure how E would be feeling for our Saturday plans together. Now we’ve stopped swimming classes, our Saturdays are ours again and I’d signed up to attend the Midlands Bloggers Meet up, held at the Malt Cross in Nottingham.

E was pretty perky, having slept like a log the night before so we decided to go into the meet up and we could always leave early if she felt bad.

The bloggers meet up was organised by two ladies I know (ish) via Twitter, and was going to be a meeting for lifestyle and mummy bloggers. For lifestyle bloggers, read people who know a lot more about hair and make up and fashion and stuff than me. Some of them also bake too, but I can do that. We’d all had a list of blog addresses through in advance and I’d checked them all out. At this point I was feeling somewhat trepidatious. Everyone else seemed to have blog awards, a variety of pages, endorsements and whizzy looking pages. And then there was me, ranting and fumbling along on my free WordPress software.

The children's lunch option - yum!

The children’s lunch option – yum!

Luckily, the thing to remember in these situations is that a webpage is just a front and of course, in the event, the other bloggers were all perfectly lovely, nice normal people. Several of them confessed to having their other halves do their websites for them (no such luck in my case, S is not blessed with technical knowledge, having other skills instead.) The other relief is that they didn’t all talk about make up all the time.

The organisers had arranged lunch for all of us, goody bags, competitions and a visit and demo from The Body Shop who arrived with LOADS of goodies and let us all sniff and rub and goo over them all – even the children.

The Body Shop brought LOADS of stuff for us to look at

The Body Shop brought LOADS of stuff for us to look at

At one point one of the Body Shop ladies showed E how to poke her finger into a body butter tub and I realised my carefree life of leaving my tubs of moisturiser in the bathroom were gone. The hair chalks went down especially well – pink or blue washable chalks to turn your hair a fetching colour. I’ve been wanting pink hair for ages but am nervous, you know at my age, so this looks to be the thing I need to be able to tick that one off my list.

E started to get tetchy and tired after lunch and we decided to leave so she wouldn’t get too upset. We arrived home in good time to watch the rugby!

Goody bag contents! Including the pilfered purple pen.

Goody bag contents! Including the pilfered purple pen.

So I have some new Twitter followers, some new blogs to read and some goodies to get through – the Drumstick Squashies are history, as are the cupcakes! I am going to have to do some serious chocolate work to fill the moulds (I’m thinking E’s birthday party in May will be a great excuse to use these) and we opened the Weleda Calendula baby face cream this evening to use on E’s cheeks which can be a bit dry and pink. A review will follow but first impressions: it smells lovely and was easily absorbed – no greasy feel. (Please understand, I’m new to writing about beauty products – did that sound sensible?) My reputation as a pen thief is also enhanced, as I got home to find Kelly’s purple pen in my goody bag. Sorry.

Thanks so much to Emma and Kelly who organised the whole thing – we enjoyed ourselves very much, and thank you too to the Body Shop ladies and the Malt Cross.

I want this in my house

I want this in my house

(For those of you reading who aren’t from Nottingham, the Malt Cross is a Victorian Music Hall built on part of the city’s extensive cave system. I’ve volunteered in their archive as part of their Heritage Lottery Fund bid and can tell you that original plans for the building included having an ice rink on the ground floor. They also have fabulous fittings like this radiator…)


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3 Responses to When bloggers meet…

  1. It was great to meet you at the blog event, I have just read your pregnancy blog from start to end and really enjoyed it. I’m off to read this one now!

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