An artistic temperament

My original plan for a Mother’s Day post has been thwarted for now so here instead is a post that enables me to show off a bit. Humour me, it’s just the end bit…

E has been painting at nursery on a fairly regular basis and occasionally we get pictures sent home – I have designated an area of the dining room to these in true proud mum fashion. A few weeks ago, after her croup illness, I decided that we would have a quiet day at home and just rest up doing home things. I decided we needed to do some painting together.

If I’m honest I’ve been dying to do some crafty things with her since before she was born. I saved loads of craft supplies in boxes in the bathroom cupboard so that when she gets to the age when we can start gluing, sewing, sticking, painting and collaging, there’ll be lots of choice. I brought some finger paints, some felt tips, stencils, a pad of paper, some sponge stamps and a pallette downstairs. I put her painting coverall on over her clothes, sat with her on my lap and poured out some paints.

We got quite into it – especially the stamping. Then I showed her how to smear finger paints over the stencils to fill them out with colour and she enjoyed that too. As a result the finger paints are a right mess as she switched colours and swirled it all round on the paper. It was excellent.

She was adding extra details with the felt tips when I decided that perhaps I’d clear up the paint on her hands. And my hands. I looked around.

The wipes, cleaning cloths and tea towels were all on the other side of the room or in the kitchen.

Rookie error.

There was nothing for it. I carried her to the kitchen and washed my hands so I could tend to hers. E obviously had other ideas and walked back to the dining room chairs, slapping her painty hands down on the seat. (Don’t tell S)

Luckily, finger paints are washable! Thanks Hobbycraft. So washable they came off with a wet cloth and no damage done. I also recommend the Crayola felt tips as they’re washable too.

Here’s the show-y off bit. As it was Mothers’ Day today, I was handed these things this morning – two cards handmade at nursery (she did all the sticking herself and was the only child to make two cards as she was enjoying so much. That’s my girl!), a picture frame made from a Coco Pops packet and some pipe cleaners and some hand iced cakes. Here’s a pic. Happy day, Mums!

Three Mother's Day cards, a picture frame and cakes!

Three Mother’s Day cards, a picture frame and cakes!

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