Oh behave!

We appear to be entering the period of parenting I have been dreading the most (apart from teenagerdom) – toddler tantrums and the terrible twos. E is not quite two but has started, in the last couple of weeks, to start having what can only be described as tantrums. For the most part, these have been no more than once a day and often to do with me leaving her – she’s still very clingy, although not when I drop her at nursery which I assume comes from knowing she enjoys it there.

I’ve not enjoyed them because I don’t understand them and because I’m not good with screaming children and because I have no idea what to do. So powerlessness combined with irritation – not a great combination. There’s no logic, you see. I understand people getting cross or frustrated about things – from computer meltdowns to the bedroom tax – I get that. But when someone is trying to get into a Babybel and you help them, it’s really not worth yelling for 10 minutes is it?

For the most part, we’ve been trying to stay calm which bizarrely, has been easier said than done. Even when I’ve been weary and cross so far the worst I’ve done has been sarcasm. Nevertheless, it’s not a fun time. But the crying doesn’t last long really, it just seems long – 10 minutes out of a day isn’t that bad.

While we’re on the subject of behaviour, I feel like I ought to have more of a general clue. Today we went to a food fair at Thoresby Hall and E had her first churros. She got into the dipping very well, sticking her dough into the chocolate, sucking and wiping it all over her face and then sticking it in the chocolate again. By the end she was sticking her entire hand in. This is exactly the kind of situation where I don’t know if I’m supposed to be adult and tell her off for the mess or just laugh at how funny she looked. Laughing was more natural but I did so while getting the wipes out – does that count?

I am reading: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. *spoiler alert! (ish)* I wanted to read this as soon as it was published and have been patiently waiting for the paperback. It’s essentially a series of “what might have beens” as the main character, Ursula, dies many times, and then has a different version of her life lived. I’m rather enjoying it. I like KA’s writing anyway and have read all her books. I like how she appears to be naturally morbid – something I can relate to. At times this read like my mind when I’m paranoid about E falling and breaking her head open or running under a car or doing one of many things that might lead to her death. Despite this, the deaths, especially involving Ursula as a child or as a mother, have distressed me and occasionally made me cry. I have become a cliche.

E is reading: Peas by Andy Cullen and Simon Rickerty. We got this from the library last week and it’s fast become a favourite. It’s the story of peas, from being planted to ending up on someone’s plate via factory and frozen section of a supermarket. Sadly, then the peas are dished up to two children who don’t like them and plead for the children to eat them. Rather surreal but E loves it (and she loves peas.)

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One Response to Oh behave!

  1. Mum says:

    I think laughing while getting out the wipes is exactly the right thing to do, not when she gets older & understands a bit more though! As for dealing with temper tantrums, that’s a bit more tricky. I’ve always tried to reason with James while giving him a cuddle, but of course he’s older so can understand. Good luck!

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