On snot, control and lost cardis

Talking to other mums at nursery when I drop E off is the only activity that makes me feel like I’m a responsible adult. This is a slight exaggeration – I really only talk to one other mum at nursery and she only puts her daughter in on Fridays. But I ran into her this morning and she enquired about a missing cardigan from last week (or the week before). We stood outside and we had a chat about articles of clothing going missing, name tapes and dropping the girls off in the mornings. It made me feel like I was actually a grown up, with someone to take care of and that I’m in control of how that pans out.

The reality is, of course, I have about as much idea as anyone else and half the time no idea at all. This afternoon I popped into my local yarn shop to get some wool to make E some summer cardis and stuff. The owner asked after E and then asked how I was doing as ‘you’re not a mum type are you?’ It’s true, I’m not. Most of the time I’m guessing. But I was led to believe most others are too which is helpful.

My reply to the wool shop owner (by the way, it’s Love your Local Yarn Store today – nip down and appreciate them all please!) was honest – I am enjoying being a mum. Much more than I was expecting to. She asked how I was dealing with the snot and stuff. I took great delight in telling her how satisfying I find picking E’s nose is. She was suitably repulsed.

Of course two years ago I would be repulsed too. But while the bodily fluids are the things you might worry about when you haven’t yet had children, they become one of the few areas you feel in control when you actually have them. I know what to do when E has a runny nose, I don’t know what to do when she’s yelling for no obvious reason.

Anyway, that was my day. I bought some lovely wool and patterns and I’ll post up each garment as I finish it. And obviously I won’t send each garment to nursery unless I’ve sewn a name tape inside…

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