A rainy weekend begins with reading…*

I don’t mind rain when I’m stuck in the office but when at home with E it is nice to have the option of going out. So, we plundered her library and read a lot to make up for the lack of action this weekend. Which was very nice but I did realise something.

We seem to have a lot of left-wing children’s books.

Now I should say this isn’t by design. I wasn’t going to indoctrinate her. Well not yet anyway. It’s purely accidental. Or it could be the result of a massive conspiracy on the part of children’s authors all over the world. And we haven’t even got to single unemployed mother Rowling or Pullman’s God-denying trilogy yet…

I sat and read the following books to E this weekend in quick succession and they did strike me as rather lefty and I did find this rather amusing.

Frog in Love – Max Velthuijs

Frog falls in love and is warned that he can’t love her because he’s green and she’s white. Obviously love triumphs all.

Charlie and Lola: Look After your Planet

As it sounds. Lola discovers how good recycling things can be and gets to plant a tree as a reward.

Dear Greenpeace – Simon James

A little girl writes to Greenpeace about a whale that’s living in her pond. Once Greenpeace have answered her questions about how to look after it, they encourage her to come and work for them.

In the interests of balance I did see if we had anything more conservative but could only find Alfie’s Shop by Shirley Hughes where Alfie makes a shop in the garden and his little sister is his lady assistant. (Nice gender stereotyping there)

This could go two ways. E could grow up like me (lefty, shouts at Radio 4, boycotts companies over ethics, recycles) or she could massively rebel and become a Tory. It’s early days.

 Apologies to The Leisure Society whose song title I plundered for this post…
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One Response to A rainy weekend begins with reading…*

  1. Mum says:

    I’ve never thought of books as being left or right (apart from the obvious) so will look at the children’s books in a new light when James & I visit the library later!

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