Clothes maketh the mum

I’ve had a small payment from a PPI claim and decided to split it between E’s savings account and some new clothes for me. I was looking ion my wardrobe the other day and realised with a few exceptions everything had been in there for at least two years before I gave birth. I have some old clothes.

E also needs some new clothes for the summer. So far, we’ve had a lot of cast offs from kind friends with girls slightly older than us and haven’t needed to buy an awful lot. We still have a few things from these hauls but it’s clear E needs a bit more to be going on with, especially as she gets so dirty at nursery.

So clothes shopping I went! I hate clothes shopping. When I win the lottery, I’m hiring someone to do it for me. I cleared a few things out first and decided I probably ought to have some kind of plan for what I should buy rather than just looking. I decided a new summer skirt, a couple of pale tops and maybe a dress/ tunic would be good.

I find the number of shops I feel comfortable in is limited and since one of those (White Stuff) makes skirts that are too long for me (frumpy just over the knee styles since I have short legs) I didn’t do well. So far I’ve found a dress.

E's haul for the summer, courtesy of H&M

E’s haul for the summer, courtesy of H&M

E, on the other hand, did quite well. I’ve got her two pinafore dresses for her birthday (I need to sew them first) so thought tops and leggings would suit. These days I really just shop for her in H&M, though Zara can be good if I want to spend a little bit more.

H&M it was and their 3 for 2 on cotton things is helpful. I liked the range of colours they had in store and of course I liked the superhero range! (There were also Frozen themed t shirts but we liked Batgirl. They also do band t shirts – I have a picture of her posing holding an AC/DC one up to her chest.)

Now, all I have to do is finish the knitted things I’m making her for her birthday – a cardigan, a tank top and a little lace knit jumper. And find something for me to wear, of course…

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