Our holiday in stats

Our holiday cottage

Nights away: 5

Lie ins: 4

Gardens visited: 3

Birds fed: (guessing) 20

P1040338 Ice creams eaten: 1 (each)

Fish and chips eaten: 2 (between 3)

Cream teas eaten: 1 (between 3)

Car parks I wee-ed in because it was raining too hard to get to the toilets: 1

P1040325 Beaches visited: none

P1040297Coastline-y bits visited instead: 2

Games of crazy golf played: none

Times S laughed at E’s train set before getting stuck in and building a tunnel out of books: 1

Knitted cardigans completed: 1

P1040328Free food/ drink received: 2 bottles of wine, a cream tea, a slice of cake and a box of chocolates

Number of times I slipped on mud and nearly dropped E on her head: 1 (lightning quick reactions there…)

Times S got lost on the way back to our cottage: every time…

Number of times we gave directions to lost tourists: 1

Comedy hats tried on: 4

P1040330Number of times we read the limited selection of Charlie and Lola and Hairy Maclary books we brought with us: lost count

Number of Nurofen swallowed: 32 (across the week)

Number of attractions where E got distracted by trying to climb the steps: 3




Back to work tomorrow.

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One Response to Our holiday in stats

  1. Mum says:

    Only like the side of the statue that is unflayed, can’t think why he would do that apart from he’s a little strange!

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