Made by my own fair hand…

I’ve finished a couple of projects recently – in time for E’s birthday – and thought I’d give you a look at them. And also her birthday cake, all made by me.

First up, a couple of months ago I was in Hobbycraft and neared their sale section when what did I see but the Clothkits packs I’d been drooling over for months! Clothkits, for those of you who don’t know, make easy kits for sewing clothes for children and adults – material in good strong colours and patterns already marked with a pattern and the pack contains instructions and all your materials. These were girls’ dresses – the only reason I’d not bought them before was because they were £27 each which I thought was too much.

Clearly I’d not been the only person put off by the price. For Hobbycraft had them in the sale for a fiver each. I snapped them up and fired up my trusty sewing machine companion.

Here’s the result! IMG_20140510_180059

They’re incredibly easy to make and, I think, they look really good. (Once I’d remembered how to use the buttonhole attachment on the machine, that is.)

The next project was a cardigan as E had no light woolen wear for spring/ summer. Off to Knit Nottingham I went and bought the wool and pattern for this.P1040359

King Cole’s Double Knit 3726 which I made using their Bamboo cotton range (colour shade 693)

So she’s decked out quite nicely now. And so for the birthday cake. She loves dogs so I thought a dog cake would be best and printed pictures of dog cakes from the internet before nipping to Lakeland for their hemisphere cake tins. Here’s the finished result.

2014-05-18 09.32.38It’s a basic chocolate sponge recipe (twice) with rolled icing in white and chocolate flavours. It was far simpler than I thought it would be and E immediately recognised it as a dog so good news all round.

And now I’ve stopped showing off for a bit…


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1 Response to Made by my own fair hand…

  1. Mum says:

    Can’t think where you get your craft genes from!

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