Mums on the town

I’ve just comeback from a two-day work team meeting/ training extravaganza. My fellow colleagues are all women, mostly mums, and fabulously supportive hard working achieving types. Working mums in a demanding job, if I say so myself.

But here we were on a night out! For some it was the first time away from their children. For others of us, we don’t get out much. What a treat. I had a two-day meeting last month too and I’ve started to notice a trend, a cycle to the mindset of a mum on the town. It goes like this:

At the end of the working day there is universal agreement that we’re all tired, looking forward to a quiet night without worrying about being woken in the night/ hyperactive over tired toddlers/ housework and so on. We’re not planning on staying out late.

There is a quiet hour after hotel check in and pre-dinner. This is blissful.

Dinner. There is wine. Good food. Chatter, gossip and giggles.

Some people leave after dinner (about 10.30)

Someone else makes the suggestion of going on for another drink.

The rest of us (the tired ones) all agree. We go into the first bar we find, order more drinks, really let off steam and discuss dancing. (It’s a gay bar – either we’re liberated by the prospect of not being chatted up by idiotic men or we’re too tired to go elsewhere. My bets are on the former.)

We don’t dance but go back to the hotel wishing we’d been the ones brave enough to suggest it first.

We sleep well but not nearly long enough. A 9am start sounds like torture. Fried breakfast and coffee are necessary. Delicate emotional scenes ensue at our creative training.

So there you go! Do working mums need sleep or a chance to blow off steam? Ideally both. But best of all, we all need a lovely supportive team of other fabulous women. Thanks team.

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