A rainy bank holiday…

One small house, two adults and a small toddler, constant rain and a disinclination to go anywhere. Bank holidays are great aren’t they?

Irritating people, probably ones with waders and sou’westers, often say that small children don’t mind rain. Well mine does. And so do I. Mine doesn’t watch much TV either so any entertainment had to be creative. I had looked at the forecast the day before and spent the evening cutting pictures from magazines so we could have a gluing session. Unfortunately in a household where the magazines are from The Guardian or about knitting, this doesn’t yield a wide variety of pictures – cars, sofas, lentil dishes, a toucan, some cyclists, a hat, some glasses – that kind of thing. Luckily I found an old Charlie and Lola magazine too.

E was very keen on gluing and wielded her pritt stick with aplomb, though with a preference for gluing both sides. Still, we have an impressive picture with the characters from Charlie and Lola in a variety of clothing, on sofas and joined by penguins and stars and flowers. I’d better start stocking up on pictures – I may buy some transport mags.

Shipping containers on the right there, see?

Shipping containers on the right there, see?

It was 1.30pm. Here’s what we’d already done:

  • Eaten an enormous breakfast
  • Built a town centre complete with a railway, bus service, emergency vehicles, houses, a factory and some of those flats made from recycled shipping containers (the power of the imagination and plastic blocks)
  • Read some books
  • Colouring and drawing
  • Gluing
  • Dancing – to Simian Mobile Disco, Pulp and J Mascis

I was running out of ideas. Nigella. Always the answer.

bicciesAfter lunch we made biscuits. Cooking with a small child requires vast reserves of patience I’ve never had to draw on before. She likes to help stir. Creaming butter and sugar is especially difficult. Weirdly, she doesn’t yet like squeezing the mixture together. We rolled out the mixture (Butter cut out biscuits from How to Be a Domestic Goddess, in case you want to know. A good one to have as a fall back.), cut it in half, added chocolate chips to one half and rolled out the other half. I have loads of cutters, which have proved useful recently for Playdough sessions so E knows what to do with these. We made a lovely mixture of shapes – squirrels, bears, hearts, stars, foxes, hedgehogs, mooses, rabbits and people – and put them in the oven. E wanted black icing but settled for silvery-grey and we decorated them with hundreds and thousands, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate flowers. We worked out together that if we stuck the hedgehog in the chocolate sprinkles they look like authentic spikes.

More reading, and then we got the camera out to take some pictures. After those, we settled down to watch Aladdin, which I bought in a post-Robin Williams loss moment last week and which S had never seen before. E watched a bit but then got her playdough out and spent the rest of the film fishing it out, putting it back in the pot and then getting it out again.

That left tea time, more reading and some throwing herself about, mainly on me, to finish the day before her bath. I have fortified myself with dinner, wine and summer pudding, and thanking all deities that I have to go to work tomorrow.

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3 Responses to A rainy bank holiday…

  1. booksjadore says:

    Definitely spent most of this post wondering how and why you were decorating biscuits as though they were cookies…and then I clicked over to the tab I’d opened about the recipe and went…oh. Right. Biscuits and cookies – one and the same. Clearly firing on all cylinders on this side of the pond!

    • basfordianthoughts says:

      Sorry for confusion! If it helps, it works both ways – I was once in a KFC in the States & spent FAR too long wondering why they were serving biscuits with chicken!

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