A stream of consciousness

Stand aside Virginia Woolf, there’s no such thing as a stream of consciousness until you’ve heard the chatter of a toddler who’s found her voice. Good grief. Three months ago the health visitor was suggesting E saw a speech therapist because she wasn’t talking – oh how those months seem a long time ago!

I will try and recreate this for you.

“I got witch! Here you go witch, sit here. See tall light today. Hello tall light, nice day? I need drink. I need drink. Than tu (thank you – she doesn’t pronounce Cs yet) Put drink on table. I sit on Mummy’s knee. Where’s sunflower? Where’s witch? Here you are witch. I go wee on floor. (This is a reference to about a week ago which she hasn’t yet forgotten.) All wet. Fire engine! Nee-nah nee-nah! We read book. Mummy get it. I get it. Mummy get it. Wow Mummy wow. Big lorry! We make tar takes (car cakes). Broom broom! We make cakes again. I do drawing today. I draw picture for Mummy. Bl-ack picture. Bl-ack bus. I go in trolley. Eat cake. Hair out face. Letters! I get it.”

And so on. Today on the bus she amused everyone by banging my shoulders and yelling “My mummy!” over and over. Any time I use the phone she thinks it’s Grandma. And in between all of this, she sings nursery rhymes or asks us to sing them to her. We’re still not too familiar with many – this week she’s been asking for a Lion song. I don’t know any except The Lion Sleeps Tonight which I sang to her and which she found enchanting – especially the Ah–oooooooooooooh a whimaway part.

Somewhere in there she seems to have got the hang of potty training though – today a completely dry day despite us going out for much of it. I am blessing the Potette Plus portable potty system.

This is exactly what I thought having a toddler would be like though. I’m just trying to keep up.

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