Frank talking about poo

A few weeks ago I expressed my concerns about how to potty train. It seemed a minefield to me. But here we are on the other side, or almost. E is pretty good with weeing in a potty these days, though she is still delighted when it goes right, often clapping at herself and smiling. And of course, when you’ve got into the swing of saying encouraging things to make sure she knows what to do, it becomes second nature to comment each time too, so we often have a chat, “Look at that wee!” This is parenthood.

This evening we came home and S and I were in the kitchen when we heard a small voice tell us that she needed a wee. She was standing in the dining room with trousers and pants around her ankles looking up at us. Nothing like being prepared…

Of course, the advice tells you not to yell if they make a mess or a puddle and we haven’t. Of course this means that once you start saying it’s ok if there’s wee on the floor, there’s then the mindset that it is, actually, ok to wee on the floor. E has pointed at the floor, told me she’s weed on it and repeated that it’s ok. All I can think of to say is that next time on the potty ok? Anyway, as I say, she’s pretty much there.

Portable foldable potties, if you haven’t got one, with plastic bags with soak-up-able pads in, are excellent though probably a killer for the environment. But in PC World the other day, we were able to get her to wee without any fuss and no one noticed, just by whipping the portable potty out of my bag and wrapping the wee up quickly. Then we bought new PC speakers and left. Had I not had the foldable potty there would, I’m sure, been wet pants and an upset toddler.

When it comes to poo, there’s a different story. E gets very upset when she poos in her pants but has mostly refused to sit on the potty to do it either. The other week she had an upset tummy and was heartbroken to find nastiness in her nappy we’d put on as a precaution. I have no idea who to encourage her except to remain calm. But if she gets upset either way, it’s hard to know how to carry on.

She’s so interested in it, which I also find hilarious. She likes to look in the toilet and wave goodbye to the wee before we flush. And she loves her pants. Especially her Paul Frank monkey pants.

So far I’m just grateful that she hasn’t talked about it on the bus but it’s only a matter of time, I’m sure.

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One Response to Frank talking about poo

  1. Mum says:

    It’s when you’re in a public loo with her & she asks if you’d pooed that day when everyone is listening that it becomes quite emabarassing! James has done that to me in Tesco, the lady in the next cubicle was most amused!

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