A clothing mountain

We’ve just returned from a weekend visiting my mum and my sister. My sister, C, has just had a baby – a girl, another E and so I’m an aunt for the second time. Hooray! We took some presents down and spent an enjoyable time smelling E’s hair and trying to put more effort into picking her up than was actually needed. (She’s about the same weight, at a month old, as E was at birth and I;m used to hefting a toddler about so nearly flung poor new E up in the air.)

Anyway, one of the reasons I was so glad my sister has had a girl was that I could clear out some of E’s clothes which have been languishing in the loft and under her bed for months. Aside from a few neutral ones I gave to a friend a while back, we have kept all E’s clothes since she was born. Even so, the amount of them was still a shock.

clothesBearing in mind she’s still wearing some which are a range of sizes between 1 1/2- 2 1/2 years, this is ridiculous.

We didn’t buy all these, you understand. At least three lovely friends with girls sent us some cast offs, for which I was incredibly grateful, plus my sister lent us some vests from her boy who had grown out of them. (I’ve not been able to return all of those as they were not all stain free. Oh the shame of it.) And we were given some as gifts too. So we only bought a few.

I sorted some into a bag for nursery (either those which were too stained to suit or that I didn’t think my sister would like) and still managed to take new E three black sacks full. This included sleeping bags, moon suits and a lot of tights. There may well be some things C decides are too manky and worn to use so she can do with them what she wants. But still, the house feels a little lighter now they’ve gone.

I did get sentimental over a couple of things and couldn’t bring myself to give one of her early sleepsuits away. It sits in a box with her Bruce Springsteen and Princess Bride t shirts. I held each item up saying “do you remember this?” Of course she didn’t but she liked the game and soon held everything up for me, saying ” do you remember this?” making a mockery of my sentimental mood.

I read somewhere that children mainly wear outfits about 12 times before they grow out of them. I’m pretty sure most of E’s clothes have passed that milestone but couldn’t say for sure with all of them. I guess that one day we’ll see a day where we don’t have to have a whole set of spares available for when she’s thrown her dinner down them, wet herself or fallen over, but those days seem far away at the moment. She goes to nursery each day with spare tights, trousers, leggings, 2 tops, 4 pairs of pants, socks and a cardigan. I do the washing 2-3 times a week.

Still, for now, we have a nice neat room and fewer bags of flammable material in the loft. And I got to cuddle a new member of the family and received some belated birthday gifts! So a good weekend all round.




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