Rolling out of a big girl’s bed…

We took E’s cot sides down last weekend and she’s been in her “big girl bed” ever since. Except when she hasn’t.

She was incredibly excited about a big bed and loves to go and see it and climb on it and have one of us lie down beside her on it.  It looks very low to the ground now the sides aren’t on it any more and the room has expanded a little. Since we’re now able to sit on the bed for bedtime I also removed the chair in her room and put it back in the bathroom where it used to live so there’s much more room up there now.

The first night she managed to stay in the bed all night. The second night S, when he got up at 5.30, looked in on her and found the bed empty and the duvet on the floor with no child beneath it. She had rolled under the bed and was very cross at him waking her up to put her back in bed, although not cross for longer than it took to go back to sleep.

Another night we were woken by her crying in confusion as she’d rolled out, turned upside down and rolled under the bed and was cold out from the covers. Again, once she was back on top of her pillow she was fine and even laughed about it the next day. On Friday S found her fast asleep, lying on the mattress with her feet out of bed and on the floor, so sort of slumped in her sleep.

It’s eventful so far. She hasn’t yet figured out that she could, if she wanted, get out of bed and walk around – at night time or in the morning. So far, we’re not dropping any hints – once she’s awake on a weekend morning it’s still the norm that she stays lying in bed and chunters for a bit to her toys. How long this will last is anyone’s guess. To be on the safe side, we have been closing the gate at the top of the stairs…

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