Here we go…

We knew this time would come. It’s well documented. But I’m still bad at handling it. Yes, I’m talking about the terrible twos.

E has thrown two fits of the screaming ab dabs this weekend, one when we put her in the car to go to a park on Sunday afternoon, and the other today when I put her in her pushchair to go around town. She wanted to walk, she yelled. Walking at that time meant lying on the ground and rolling around. I’d already had to pick someone else’s chewing gum off her skirt.

She absolutely yells, really puts her soul into it and so I don’t handle it well, though neither time did I give in and do what she wanted. And I didn’t turn into one of those yelling slappy mothers either. But inwardly I was despairing.

Her other new trick is to throw things on the floor a lot. In shops, at the  dinner table, in the kitchen. Both S and I pick her up and put her in a corner when she does so, and later explain that she shouldn’t throw things. She now repeats that we told her not to throw things or comments that she’s not been good at throwing today. Today in a shop I told her off and she looked so troubled as she thought it through I thought I was going to laugh and ruin the whole stern mummy thing.

It’s harder not to laugh when she sticks her hand out, points and says No! like we do. It’s somehow reassuring that S is also finding this part hard. It’s also made harder by E being v sweet and funny and loving very quickly after being naughty. She lives very much in the moment so even a couple of minutes later she’s moved on past the naughtiness.

Having said all that, I think she’s not feeling quite well at the moment – she was off her food today and she’s incredibly tired. So we’ll hope that in a week’s time she’ll be better and this will be a very quick phase…

E is reading – Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty A countdown book where each of the pirates meets a deadly fate one by one as you read on. E is into pirates at the moment and can say “Aarrrggghhh!” quite well. The pictures are simple but there’s nice detail.

I am reading – FEMINISM BOOKS A PLENTY I’m taking a TUC course about female activism at the moment and borrowing the course leader’s library on a week by week basis. It’s like being an undergrad again as I note with horror that despite wanting to read it for years, I still haven’t got round to reading French’s The Women’s Room. I feel like a fraudulent feminist. Anyway, this week, Caitlin Moran and Natasha Walter, last week, Everyday Sexism and Misogynies by Joan Smith. The latter is useful for making sure no one bothers you in a bar while you wait for your reading group to turn up. I pass this on in case you find yourself in a similar predicament.

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