I take time out between ironing, packing a large bag of things to do and cooking cranberries to type this blog post. I wanted to do a lovely one about Christmas and unsurprisingly, life has overtaken me. Regular planned blog posts may feature on my New Year Resolutions list…

It’s the first year that E has taken an interest in Christmas – previous years she’s met Santa, and inadvertently done some Christmas craft without knowing much about it but we’ve heard nothing but this year.

“Is it Christmas yet?” she asks at least twice a day. Christmas trees send her into moments of glee, pointing and examining baubles with care, and she thinks all presents are for her. Her new favourite craft thing is glitter glue and she can recognise a candy stick at 10 paces.

I like it. Reading the internet last week, I came across all kinds of things that looked at when people stopped believing in Santa and what effect that had on them, or if you should still perpetuate this myth, or what having your children believe in Santa will teach them. I didn’t know it was an anthropological discussion but there you go. I pity anyone who doesn’t let their children believe in Santa at all – what joyless individuals they must be. Anyway, according to Margaret Mead, it’s a good thing to do as it helps them discern fairytales from other stories as they get older. Or something like that. We all need a bit of magic once in a while.

Like a terribly disorganised mother, I didn’t pay any attention to nursery closing dates until the last moment, the upshot of this being that E and I have been “working from home” today (ie last night after she was in bed and this afternoon once S came in from work) and she will be with me in the office tomorrow. (This is why my bag is so packed – I’ve got lots of things for her to do.) I should really just take parental leave but I had things planned to do workwise. And after that I can relax. Kind of – I do have a turkey to cook, relatives to visit, Norovirus to avoid, presents to remember and The Muppets Christmas Carol to watch.

As always, thanks for reading the blog this year and I hope you all have a lovely and very Merry Christmas.


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