2014: Review of the year

I hate New Year’s Eve. But I thought an introspective review of the last 12 months would be interesting as it feels like it’s been a challenging one. So here’s a review of my year followed by a review of E’s year:

  • I managed to get on and off a carousel horse while wearing a denim skirt, carrying a bulky bag and balancing a small wriggling child on the saddle
  • I crocheted a Cthulu
  • I went on my first holiday (ie not staying with relatives) for four years
  • I got stuck into my job, really enjoying my work and my colleagues, and felt like I was making a difference in the organisation
  • I made myself ill from being run down and stressed
  • I applied for, and was accepted for, voluntary redundancy from my job
  • I got a new job, with a pay rise and a new set of massive challenges to get stuck into
  • I had six sessions with a counsellor about a thousand things that had been bothering me on and off for years, months, days…
  • I had a book published! (with nine other people)
  • I stood on a stage and read a chapter of my writing out to an audience without making a fool of myself
  • I had other creative fiction work published and received praise about it, including a touching message from an editor in San Francisco
  • I started running again with a proper regime since I was pregnant and hit 6k runs very easily
  • I took up yoga to combat stress
  • I went on a women’s campaigning course and read about a thousand things that revived my feminism
  • I contemplated spending £800 on two Kate Bush tickets, for just one wild moment and then realised it probably was a silly thing to do (this is the one I regret though… perhaps I should have bought them)

E’s year in review

  • She started talking! Properly, at 25 months old
  • All other achievements have sprung from there, it feels like she’s turned on a development tap
  • She is creative, and loves doing craft projects at nursery and home
  • She still loves reading
  • She likes to help around the house, especially cooking
  • She is kind, and cares for others – including us, her dolls and the babies at nursery
  • She has a sense of humour, and it’s a really silly one
  • She is bossy. But I’m wondering if that’s not a word I want to use in future with her. It’s something often used to describe confident pushy women, but rarely any men. It must be possible to cultivate her confidence without sacrificing her politeness.
  • She can count
  • She can spell her name out loud
  • She has tantrums, but has learned to say please, sorry and thank you

Mixed then. I am enjoying E’s company a lot, which sounds an odd thing to say but there’s lots to talk about now and each day seems to bring something new, a new phrase or song or pastime that she can learn. It’s more interesting and funny. In general my year can be summed up by saying that I’ve just been so tired this year. I don’t think it’s just that E is hard work (in a good way) but a mixture of all the above – all added stresses and strains. But no more griping. I have lots of things to look forward to for the coming year.


  • Finish the first draft of the book I’ve been writing for bloody ages. I’m aiming for February
  • Make a positive difference and don’t be scared at the new job
  • Use redundancy money to buy a new double glazed door so our front room isn’t so bloomin cold
  • Get back on track with my running and work up to doing 10k regularly

Short term. Last year’s resolution was mainly to finish things. Especially writing. I finished more this year than last and submitted more this year than last so I guess the long term resolution is to continue that habit.

And with that, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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One Response to 2014: Review of the year

  1. Sounds like an amazing (and very challenging) year! Hope you and E have a lovely 2015 xx

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