2015: the year I become a superhero…

I’ve taken a week’s leave from work to sort things out and to get some writing done. My urge to have a clear out always comes after Christmas, mainly when I have to find room for all the books we get given. Plus, my New Year Resolution to get the first draft of the book done by February must stay on track. I put E in nursery this morning and fled – she was upset about leaving me, having had the last two weeks together. It did at least leave me resolved to do something with my morning instead of crawling back to bed which was the main temptation. So one mini clearout later, I sit down to write and find I have no coffee in the house.

Such a mistake.

For a writer and for a caffeine addict, it’s a terrible situation to be in. I have a lovely new 12-cup cafetiere as a gift from my half-brother – a monster of a beast just waiting to serve.

Some would say this is procrastinating so I thought I would write a quick blog post to loosen the fingers before walking to the shop to stock up.

The last two weeks with E have been fun but exhausting. She’s pretty much pushchair free now, which is easier on public transport but not easy on my back as she still likes to be carried when she can’t be bothered to walk anymore. And so far in 2015, we have transformed from Mummy and Daddy to become the Dadster and Wonder Woman. The former was my idea, can’t remember why now, but the latter was when I decided to start getting her proud to be female. We were talking and she said “I’m a little girl aren’t I?” I said yes, with enthusiasm, to make her pleased to be a girl, and so she asked if I was a girl too. I banged my chest and said “I am woman!” and it’s stuck. That and my Wonder Woman pyjamas. But I always wanted to be Wonder Woman so it’s fine. I fear the day when we are no longer her heroes.

One of the other things she’s started doing is narrating to herself, like she’s reading a story. If she calls out she finishes it with “she shouted” so for example, “Daddy, me want a yoghurt please! she shouted.” Her memory for books is rally coming on fast. She got a series of Frog books for Christmas and she’s really only had time to read them properly this last weekend but she knows all sorts of lines from them already. The narration sounds like the style of these boos as well, so they’ve made an immediate impression. (If you’ve not read Frog before, I recommend him – he’s Dutch with a nice line in liberal thinking and strong stories about friendship.)

I said in my 2014 round up that her development has really come on fast and her creativity is one of the things I love the most. Her toy witch (from Room on the Broom) sang for us in the car the other day – a song about travelling in the car, appropriately enough, and I made her some snails on request out of playdough which she immediately seized and made dance. As snails are wont to do.

And so that’s it – I will now get coffee and settle into writing a chunk, accompanied only by a selected playlist, a packet of digestives and my Christmas jar of Nutella (still my favourite Christmas present every year – thanks S).

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