Colouring, sticking and creativity

My counsellor suggested last year that I do some art-craft creative activities of some kind as a stress reliever and to help my brain release. I liked the idea and have done nothing since. Mainly down to time and space. E’s bedroom is my old craft-writing room and used to be a right creative mess. I need a shed.

Then I read that the French are on a colouring kick to help relieve tension. There are now adult colouring books on the market. (Not that kind of adult colouring book! Though there probably are those kinds too…) I bought some.

They’re really boring.

But of course, E has some colouring books! And creative make it yourself craft tasks in her Charlie and Lola magazine (last week, we made a snow globe in a jam jar). And a plethora of sticker books. These are all much more interesting than the ones I’ve got and it’s increasingly difficult not to correct her work or take over and do it myself.

I could, of course, buy a children’s one for myself but I get the sneaking suspicion that the part I am enjoying the most is the collaborative bit and that I am secretly thrilled when she hands me a pen and asks me to colour in too.

Reading that back, I think it’s best to get me a shed as soon as humanly possible.

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