Happy birthday? Pay up!

The news sites this week have been all agog at the story of a mother who invoiced a 5-year old for not showing up to her son’s birthday party. Apparently his parents had found they’d double booked him with grandparents and had to cancel. They also didn’t know the party mother very well (though most people put a mobile number on invites these days don’t they?) so it appears they didn’t let her know they weren’t going. Obviously, she thought the best thing to do was to stick an invoice for the £15.95 no show fee into his school bag and threaten to take his parents to court.

As someone who considers the expectations some parents put on themselves when it comes to birthday parties these days to be insanity of the highest order, I say:


It’s all about outdoing each other – the parents I mean. Showing off like that, they’re worse than the children after too much cake.

I reckon this year may be the last one I can get away with inviting E’s grandparents to tea for her birthday. After that we may have to do a party with her peers. I have no idea how to handle groups of children. Party games? Eugh.

We had a spate of going to a gym when I was about 10 (I think). We all threw ourselves across equipment we hated at school – the only time I’ve done a handspring off a gym horse before or since. Otherwise I think parties were all at each others houses.

So… if I stick to 4 of E’s friends and give them a class in icing cupcakes followed by a DVD and some food will that be ok? (It can’t be more than 4, we’ll have trouble fitting more in the kitchen.) Or if it’s a nice day we can just have a picnic in the park and they can go on the swings and run about and stuff. Do we need organised fun?

My best friend has just moved, with her husband and little girl (a year younger than E), from New Zealand to England. She can help me with craft activities! Now all I need to do is persuade them to move to Nottinghamshire…

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One Response to Happy birthday? Pay up!

  1. aviets says:

    Those sound like perfect birthday plans to me!

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